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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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Yeah ive got some, if not the new order will be with me soon. Ever japan order i tack on a firefly order.


Super, I need to order a flat nub soft from you then. Can the same soft combo also be used in a SCAR L?

If so, then I need 2 soft flat nubs and one soft hop rubber.

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Someone here that have upgraded the tm/army (newer gen) m4 to 435 fps/130ms?


The internals are no problem...but the gearboxshell, will it hold?


Yeah my sopmods running 430, its got the hard firefly rubber and nub BUT id have to say i would prefer running a softer nub or rubber combo at some point, becuase of the hardness it means i have to run v heavy ammo for good results, seems all over the place on less than 0.30.


Unfortunatly hop rubbers are greatly affected by temps so i cold country will get largely different results from a hot country.


@TK - I believe the nub doesnt fit in the scar if memory servers but it might if you trim it a little. Not like it takes longer than say 5 mins to get the hop out though.

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Is it safe for me to use the sopmod stock configuration on a 9.6v battery? Will the stock marui last as long as an 8.4?

In a word yes , ran mine (and I think most non lipo users) on 9.6'ers for ages , matter of fact don't think I've ever mete any one using 8.4s in there's .

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A question for Richardy... I have a spare unused E6 M110 spring lying around. If I cut off a coil or two could I use that in my SCAR to try and get the speed below the magic 350fps? I haven't even used to spring so i'm not sure what it would chrono at?


Youd have too cut a fair few off i reckon prob come in at 370 i reckon as is.. depending on how much hop you run i guess, on the plus side all recoil guns no mater what thrive on shorter the better.. especially when it comes to the 400+ springs. Its better to go 1 extra when picking a size then cut it extra off. I know if i make an m130 it will have substaintially less coils than the current m120.

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