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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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I received my SOPMOD the other day from Airsoft Atlanta.


It's a very nice gun - heavy and solid feeling, although the stock does wobble around a bit on the tube. Is there any way to resolve this?


Shooting it is a LOT of fun. Judging by all the videos I had seen of the SOPMOD and SOCOM being fired, it looked sometimes like it was just a heavy vibration at best, but it definitely has a kick to it. I'm sure the SOCOM would be even more fun since it's a lot easier to fit some LIPOs in the normal handguard.


It's also extremely accurate right out of the box. I was able to hit a very narrow metal pole (from the frame of a trampoline) maybe 3 inches wide from quite a distance away, just with using the included sights (which were not zeroed, nor was the hop up adjusted at all).

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just saw this in the 'news' area:

thanks mrezzy,



stock type gear sets and a piston replacement units available at RSOV apparently.

direct link here:






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Can't wait till I order my sopmod!


Upgrades planned:


1. Metal bushings

2. MOSFET/ab unit with 3 round burst

3. Rewire to the front

4. Chop down m100 spring

5. Tightbore barrel


btw anyone have any experience with rewiring it to the front? I heard it's a really tight fit


It is a REALLY tight fit, you're going to be hard pressed to fit that mosfet in there.


The socom guns have a little wire retaining tab that the Sopmods dont have. It helps keep everything in place although its not needed.

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Its only a tight fit in the stock form, if you replace the barrel nut with something else there will be plenty of space for the wires ;)


For me, the stock barrel nut wasnt the issue. It was fitting the wiring past the hopup unit without interfering with anything.



Would a Magpul MOE handguard fit a SOPMOD?


Yes albeit loosely. You will need to shim the handguard either on the barrel nut side or handguard cap side.

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For me, the stock barrel nut wasnt the issue. It was fitting the wiring past the hopup unit without interfering with anything.





Yes albeit loosely. You will need to shim the handguard either on the barrel nut side or handguard cap side.


Im thinking dremeling the hopup unit a little bit so the wires come through? hm. I wish someone can take pics of the TM Socom vs Sopmod front end where the wires would pass through.

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Maybe I missed this in the thread but it seem's like most people are upgrading FPS to about 350FPS. What is the maximum FPS someone has upgraded to and successfully so?


My main concern is whehter the gearbox can take the additionally stress.


As well, has anyone used their sopmod in the cold? how cold? problems?



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yeah colds a killer for batterys espcially when the sopmods bats are so small anyway..


I think magz could probably help out with this one, loads of us are running 350 fine here, lots, and ive heard of people in the states running higher, will have to wait for magz to get the down low from the states..


The gearbox is so close to version 2, theres no reason why it cant do all the things a normal version 2 can do, rememeber these are simply NEW version 2 with things moved and repositioned to get rid of a few inherant problems.


The only real concern was if you did upgrade and something did break you had no parts.. BUT now you can get all the parts for the gearbox in either aftermarket and OEM form from gears to pistons to cylinder heads to springs, it kind of takes the worry out of it... i certinaly dont, a while back i had a single tooth come off the sector gear, *suitcase* happens as they say, it hasnt happened since, everygun will break but i ordered a new sector gear 3 days and the gun was going again. Its not like it was when they first come out, its been nearly a year hasnt it ? we now have everything we need.. i think it was march or feb last year i got mine.


remember any TM stockest should be able to order original oem parts for you.. so if you REALLY trashed your mechbox shell SOMEHOW, you could order a new one from TM.


Im going to be building a new one in a few months it will be 425 fps, and i have no daubt in my mind that the gun will be able to handle it.

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To address the question about FPS i will say that i am not advocating upgrading past 350 fps simply because for the Florida scene, 90% of the games require fps at or under 350.


Do i think the gearbox can handle higher fps setups? Absolutely, without a doubt but again, i havent personally pushed any guns higher than that.


Radius the cylinder window corners and you should be fine for quite a while.

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Tremor system? sounds scary :lol: any lynks please? :)


EDIT: ok, my google fu helped me this time, looks like a nice and strong recoil on regular M4 bodies, but its said to be a piston driven system, so I dont know how much stress will put on the internals.


Anyway, even being a nice feature, I still think TM SOPMOD is better, not for the strong recoil (still to be compared) but for the features the new TM platform offers like new and improved gearbox, real bolt stop action and improved hop up chamber.


I would like this to success too, so they can make a V3 version for mp5k, AKs and so on, until then, patience and a thread about it on the news section :)


thanks for the headsup

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