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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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sometimes you can undo the piston head by hand .. Sometimes you can't. You just have to try and see. I find a rag in each hand for purchase best.


And yes it's common for original cylinder heads to loose compression at the base of the nozzle guide. Not that common but enough to say I've seen it before

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Thanks bud, I've got one more: I received my new CQB-R a couple of weeks ago and want to resolder it to deans, by using an extension cable. Now, what would be best method to connect the wiring of the Marui to the extension cable? Normal crimps?


What AWG should the extension cable have? Does the Marui have 16awg wiring?


Oh and I'm wondering if I should leave a fuse out or not if using a 7.4v 1200mAh 25-50c Lipo.


Thank you so much :)

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