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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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Hey guys, I would need some helpful opinions here. I have a gearbox full lockup, neither semi or full auto worked. when I pull the trigger which goes in all the way I hear a click sound like the motor would start the turn but it doesn't continue because something is blocking. I have taken off the grip and seen that the anti reverse latch held up the gears, I have unlocked that with a screwdriver tip and that released the whole mechanism. I have then tried to shot with it but then it locked up again the same way. I wonder if the motor is not powerful enough to turn it over, or the battery is just not enough, even though it was fully charged 7.4v 1100mah with 30c rating. It runs an E6 M110 spring. I didn't open the gearbox yet, I usually bring it to service but this is just over about 4-5 bags of bb-s since the first service. No problems with the contact bars and things, and its been already soldered and converted to mini T-type plug. I have ordered a stronger motor recently and I have a bunch of 11.1V batterys that I could test but I didn't wanted to risk testing with them until I have an idea what's up. What's your opinion on it? Should I test for trial and error or should I bring it to service to prevent any likely damage if this is something gearbox timing or ROE kind of issue?

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hello all


my front receiver pin worked itself loose in the last skirmish. I wrapped some teflon tape around it to make it a tight fit and it worked for the rest of the day, but it has now become loose again. I also noticed some play between upper and lower receivers. I can move the upper forwards and backwards and side to side a bit.


Will a new TM replacement pin eliminate the play between the receivers?

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Just for the record I have opened the gearbox and it turned out that a part from the ridge that keeps the O ring in place on the Prometheus piston head has snapped off, and that caused the stoppage like a lock-up. I have removed the snapped of part, it's quite tiny so it seems like it will run nicely like before of that. Also turned out that the rotation in the spring unscrewed the tiny screw that kept together the bearing part with the piston head, so guys make sure you pull tight that screw if you have it. I took the chance to upgrade to a Lonex A2 motor and an E6 120 spring. It turned to be a beast even with the 7.4v 30c Lipo.

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Hey guys & girls.

I've recently upgraded my TM recoil to a finely tuned machine!

Full Siegetek, lonex and Prommy internals with a Lonex Franken Torque motor, E6 M95 spring, ER-Hop and one of the new BTC New V2 spectres. 

It's running beautifully but I have one slight concern...

I'm getting FPS of between 347-355 (UK site limits are 350 for the most part)

Now I played with it yesterday and the site gave me the benefit of the doubt, especially since I actually play with .28's but didn't wanna be THAT guy who tries to pretend he's running at 280-300 but only coz he's secretly firing .28s through the chrono.

In your experience is this going to be a problem for me or will sites allow this 5 fps tolerance? Is there anyway I can lower it that tiny amount without having to open it up and risk messing with how well it's currently working

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter guys.


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If it's not still a TM piston, you should be able just to unscrew the stock tube remove the spring and either cut a coil off or swap it for a lower powered one. Remember 350fps is really max for must sites, so I would drop the power a little.


So does a mechanic not need to go into my gearbox to make this change? Just take the stock tube off and chuck an M90 in??

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