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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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I'm just waiting on one of the Dytac outers to turn up from WGC actually, so I can give you a proper comparison in a week or so. However, given that I can pretty much guarantee you now that the they're of the same kind of quality as their standard AEG outer barrels, then the Laylax one will be a lot better. The dytac 14.5" I have already is perfectly ok, it fits and functions fine no real issues, but it's just 'average' really, whereas the laylax one is machined beautifully and anodised.

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Its the tappet plate which pulls the bolt catch lever up hard... which inturn lifts the bolt catch out, yo have the bolt catch ontop of the bolt catch lever which is perfect..




Like berserk says i think your expecting something to happen which shouldnt happen, just fire it like normal and as you fire touch the lever from under neath with your finger it should get cuaght up by the tappet plate and knock the bolt catch out wards in apperance.

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Tried my Sopmod based SFW for the first time yesterday. The Firefly rubber/nub combo is nothing short of magic.:D

Combined with an Eagle6 M90 spring I was engaging targets at distances previously well out of range. Fps just short of 350.

Was a bit too windy to be very acurate. But the .25g bbs flew quite straight considering the windy conditions.

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Oh dear, if I could only remember. But I would not be surprised if it is a Prometheus 407mm inner barrel.

Yesterday I had to improvise a solution with the battery in a pouch, attached to the stock. Originaly i was going to store the battery inside the stock.

Had carved out space for it. But I had not thought it thorougly through. The battery itself needs a longer wire, and i need to shorten the wire coming from the stocktube.

Will also have to change from normal to small deans connectors. Then this solution will actually work (I think).:rolleyes:

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its alright as a base or project but not out of the box, and the externals are pretty good, even though i still prefer the tm externals.


The hop units a little bit of a let down, it didnt give me much range. either a new tm hop unit and rubber or just a new rubber but it defo needs something upgrading in that department.


Although i wasnt happy with it, it still is a sopmod for £200 soo really i think its great for the money but its not going to steal tms crown im afraid.


And if someone where to find a problem like i did one might argue you could chuck some money at it upgrading and still be under tms initial cost.




Me personally .. i did my duty i got one tested it looked over the parts for compatibility and used it for a game. That was all i wanted it for now i can sell it and if i get any should i buy an r43 questions i know the answer.



Yes if you cant afford the tm.

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Nice outfit.


Could you explain it a little bit more exactly why the army clon cant convince you?






The whole point for me was the clones hop unit would be identical to the sopmods, but it isnt its click adjustment is looser than a wand up gandolfs sleve and it simply didnt hop enough of heavy ammo which the tm unit does brilliantly.




So as with all clones the accuracy out of box wasnt good enough. So instantly youll need a TM hopunit which arnt that easy to source. A new hop rubber, and nub. It has no bolt catch. The recoil weight unit is half the weight of the sopmod one and also the bar on it flaps about excessivly... it would need some ptfe to pack it out in the long term. The gearbox has 8mm metal bushings which is a nice touch but the motor is a cheap china metal end bell motor which i hate. The piston is clasic china piston with the thick rough plastic.. piston head was alright but as with al clones the o rings arnt! This one i had to fit a larger spring in there to get the power up to 350 fps.




Also for those changing to a TM hop unit, the clone nozzle is different, to the tm sopmod one so im assuming the clone hop unit is specific to the clone nozzle. Im curious how others have faired upgrading there army clones with new nozzles and how its affected fps and feeding. As a rule of thumb if you change to tm hop unit, change to a tm sopmod air nozzle as well.


Externals where good alhtough the front pin was a bugger if you wind the stock tube in too much. Mags are also a tight fit on the clone. Stock is looser than a loose thing on loose tuesday.



Not that i want to put anyone off buying my clone sopmod.. its still a half price sopmod :P




@ number5 yeah i was at copehill this weekend, you should have said hi, i had my t shirt on :P and we was flying the eagle6 flag at pmf respawn :D you have a good time ?

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Wait? What? I'm sorry, but you are bashing a clone based on a $5 hop-up rubber?


The click adjustment can be fixed in no-time, the 'loosy-looseness' of the unit with .05$ worth of electrical tape.

I did that, and using a G&P hop-up bucking (yes, you're probably laughing), my hop-up unit performs just as good as any TM.


Yes, the motor is pretty bad, but my $25 Element motor outperforms the Marui's motor by far.



- Mags are tight; too tight, no denying in that.

- The standard crane stock is rubbish x 1000... Very true. I had a G&P one laying around anyway.

- The recoil is indeed non-existent, then again, 100gr of lead doesn't justify double price of the Tokyo Marui :P

- No bolt catch is indeed a very big flaw, and it is one of the points I hope to find a solution for fast.


The fact that I bought the ARMY had nothing to do with money, rather with common sense. With the mentioned upgrades above, I paid HALF the price of a Tokyo Marui!

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