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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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yeah man its one of those things where the right combination and great results, wrong combination terrible results.


like i say the one that was bang on 328 brilliant results when we drifted away though tended not to be, but since ive seen both good and bad results, id say im on the fence on this one hehe

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hi guys incase anyone was interested i finished moding a lipo in the stock, it interesting becuase i utlized the quick change adaptor from the original battery so its still quick change but now its a 7.4 3000mah lipo should last a whole day on one battery.


im going to tell the story of the lipo with pictures lol




Firstly as you can see my guestimations from internet descriptions didnt work out great as the bat is slightly to wide for original caseing, MAYBE if you removed the lipos outter packaging and sanded back the outer casing you might squeeze it in there but i didnt wanna go through all that when i had another idea :) and you can see me sizing up the new idea the lipo fits snuggly in the stock! not tight just right for easy removal.






from the next lot of pics you can see ive dismantled the original battery and removed the original connect for the quick change system





from the next ones you can see how ive soldiered the orginal connector in place on the 7.4 3000mah lipo (note if attempting this keep the wires as short as you dare you dont want excess in the stock) and how im charging the lip ousing the orginal supplyed connector





from the next lot you can see the new battery in place in the sopmod stock. Notice how it isnt the prityest looking thing but its solid! and see how when the caps on the cap actually pushs the connector in place hehe, also notice the one down side apart from the cost!, is you can see the wires from outside the gun, but i have a plan for this i might make a shell out of the old casing to go over it for looks.





more but silly thing wont let me use the img tags so youll have to manually click






also heres a vid of the new battery in action.. i instantly noticed better trigger response and rof not that i was massivly after rof hence the bursts in the vid, just fast singles and a longer lasting battery its now 3000 mah and should last a good days play.


vid -


next ill go inside and see what i can do ;) ;)



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Any idea where can I get a wrench to tighten the stock tube nut? Its always untightening because of the recoil, and my guarder armorer wrench doesn't really work for it - almost broken it :(


BTW - did you notice Laylax now list their first 4 parts for the Sopmod?


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yeah i saw the parts for the sop mod


thing is my sopmods honstly working like a powerhouse. whole days play 9 till 430 on that lipo yesterday. LOADS of rounds this guns so solid im i actually dont need the upgrade parts now BUT i might buy them if only to encourage laylax to continue making parts for the sopmod, my guns 345 fps with, upgraded promy bearings and cylinder, and cut down hurricane m100 spring and pdi 6.01.


i brought the guarder stock tube wrench from ehobby asia its not the armours one its a different one take a look on there you should see it


its an absolute must for the gun, both for going inside there and for tightening it up as mine was loose out the box



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yup! the bushings look prity solid actually black ones! not the usual white. i only changed them becuase technically speaking i might get a slight rof increase with the bearings. they are promy ones so should hold up well! I had the promy cylinder spare so i thought why not sling it in there. obviously change of spring but other than that shes stock parts and sooo solid, i dont see how people are breaking them they are a fantasticly easy gearbox to work on as well. Aftermarket parts are good though! as it will make it easy for people to get replacements for thoughs of us that dont live outside tms factory :P

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I´ve also put hurricane bearings, a cut-down hurricane m90 spring (just cut two to three of the tighter coils that go into the spring guide), a simple contact-saver mosfet and forward rewiring. Clean, reshim, relube and its going 340 fps. 7,4 Volt 1800 mAh lipo powered, and a decent stock-like rate of fire.


I´ve also found that the stock barrel vibrates a little when firing, some teflon tape can improve accuracy even more. My inner barrel was dirty as hell when new, something like a couple of months of playing dirt, cleaning will get you a couple fps more. Never had a double feed, never needed a magazine poke to get it to feed.


This is one of the best guns I´ve ever owned since 2002. F-U-N is the codename. And a really straight performer on the field. Most eliminations can be made single shots, no need to fire a burst to make sure. It´s not a perfect precision tool ( the best tighbore/hop/nub setups allow 45 feet exposed hand/weapon/head hits, that´s not the case with the stock sopmod) but it is really precise and reliable for long range "chestwide" single shots.


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Any idea where I could get replacement wires for the sopmod ?


I have a full wire set (minus the switch unit but including the stock connector assembly) i took out of my sopmod when i front wired it.


If you'd like id i can send it your way for a couple bucks and postage. PM me.


Also guys, i will have some updated pictures coming along shortly. Ive rewired my personal sopmod to the front, upgraded to 350 fps and done a few other things. The gun is running beautifully. My only gripe is that the bolt catch assembly doesnt seem to really want to work now, its very inconsistent. This is definitely due to me mucking around with the internals, not anything having to do with the design.

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I actually grabbed whatever i had laying around at the current point in time.


Im not entirely sure but i believe its an Airsoft Surgeon Stage 1 spring. It was the shortest spring i could find in relation to the existing stock spring.


No lockups yet and the semi auto trigger response is ridiculously fast.

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uncut or cut doesnt matter as long as its the same length as the original to prevent the lock ups


an m100 hurricane cut to length got me 340 ish fps. thats with a pdi 6.01 though


id say a promy ms120 or ms130 cut to length for most aiming for 328 - 350


guys for a tenner just buy a spring cut it and get the airsoft trial and error started !! its the only way you wil know for sure.


mags you must have got a part in the wrong way most likely as you drop the gearbox in you have to sort of lift and manouvour the bolt catch so it sits on top i think from my best recolection basically so that when the mag pops empty it pushes the bar up which pushes the bolt catch out and the other part goes up into the tappet plate. take it back apart go back in and play about with it until you find the right order they assemble in


could be your wiring to i guess in the way


my sopmods sex on legs as is no need to rewire it :P:P


mines been running thousands of rounds now on the lipo at 340 i honestly dont think i will ever need to go into this gun again its builit proof!



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mines been running thousands of rounds now on the lipo at 340 i honestly dont think i will ever need to go into this gun again its builit proof!


Famous last words RichadY? I hope not, Just waiting on my Sopmod CARBINE version to arrive, ordered it from Redwolf so waiting on delivery, and then probably customs (which is gonna be hell if it gets caught in customs!)


When it arrives i'll add some pics and a review!

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I didnt cut down my spring and its about an inch longer than the stock spring. I did offset the length by putting in a rather soft spring. Traditionally stage one springs will give me anywhere from 280-310 fps. Im getting 350 due to the added length.


Also, everything is assembled correctly as the magazine does actually push up on the bolt catch it just doesnt seem to want to lock into the tappet plate. Im guessing the wiring is in the way or i dunno, i honestly dont care all that much considering how amazing the performance of the gun is.


Pictures will be up eventually. :)

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