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Modern Ranger Loadout

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I'm thinking of putting together a rangers kit (Well this or SEALS) and am I correct in saying that Rangers don't generally carry a side arm? Thanks for anyones help...



Dude, you should read through the whole TWO pages.....


From the words of a Ranger friend: "Most typically you will see Squad Leaders and Team Leaders with pistols, Machinegunners, Mortarmen, M3 "goose" gunners and some snipers. In a 9 man squad you might see as many as 3 to 4 pistols. They are of course all m-9 but are carried in a variety of holsters most typically on a thigh or hip holster. Thee execption to this is M240B and M3 gunners who seem to prefer modular holters rigged on their chest as it is easier to get to when the MG or M3 is hanging from its sling at waist level."



On a side note, would OD soft armor instead of Ranger Green be kosher? The contact I have that's getting me all of my stuff can't get the PACA Ranger green soft armor I wanted and I can't even find it offered on PACA's site. I can settle for OD, but I need to know if it's all right. (On a side note, two Eagle Double M4 mag pouches and an Eagle Admin pouch in Ranger Green were just added to my order, and I should be getting it in a few weeks/months)

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@ Jorge: It looks like an RRV front, MBSS back, and a seperate cummerbund. It is quite the frankenvest. (EDIT: Apparently it's already been said, I forgot to look at the second page...oops)


The paint on helmets is Rustoleum 1917 Khaki. I don't think anyone would string you up for using plain ol' krylon though.

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Awesome they use CRANE stocks :D at least thats what i interpret from the first pic anyway....altho upon colser inspection he is probably a Green Beret and not a ranger as he has tan gear on instead of Ranger Green.



That is said to be a SEAL, notice the 10.5in barrel and MJK gear (but the multicam pack is just for style points I guess). That same buddy who I quotes about the pistols has has SEALS attached to his unit.





Just to clear up this whole confusion, the combat setup like what you see on the Mk46 Gunner all comes from the RLCS kit, basically a bag of gear which has just about every Eagle Industries pouch and rig in the world, and then some. The Mk46 gunner, and many others are wearing an RBSS plate carrier back panel (the Ranger version of the MBSS) mated to an RRV on the front. The cummerbund is a special MOLLE one which is issued in the RLCS kit only. It's basically the Eagle plate carrier cummerbund which has a MOLLE sleeve on the back so it can be attached to the rear plate carrier. It's then worn under the RRV.


Another interesting tidbit is that comes from a very reliable source I know is that a new Ranger SOP is to have loaded M4 magazines on your sides, under the arms as it, in conjunction with soft armot *supposedly* stops an AK round, plus it gives you extra ammo. It makes sense to me rather than the hard plates which you can add into the cummerbund as hard plates can't be loaded into your weapon ;).


Here are some more pictures to show more of what Rangers wear and use. This stuff comes from other forums.



The SFLCS is basically the Special Forces version of the Load Carrying System, the RLCS is the Ranger version. Here is its contents, only the Ranger kit would be Ranger Green:



Here are some pics of the SFLCS



Modular assault pack

MBSS pouch w/ light holder

MBSS pouch w/o light holder x2

war belt suspenders

sub belt holster adapter x2

horizontal pouch adapter x2

squad casualty bag

19 round shotgun pouch

SR-25 mag pouch x4

3 mag shingle x6

barrett pouch x2

drop leg panel

MBITR pouch x2

breachers tool carrier with covers


Maritime CIRAS

Concealable BALCS carrier

neck collar, yoke, cock plate

plate carrier with cummerbund/sewn in soft armor inserts

Rhodesian Recon vest

Ranger H-harness

SFLCS deployment bag...bigger than 5 NATO bags

Hydration carrier

4X canteen/Nalgene pouches

FB 9mm single mag pouches x10

rigid NVG PVS-15 pouch 2x

med pouch BOK x2

weapons catch x2

shock tube pouch

charge pouch

frag pouch x4

detatchable lid 200rd SAW pouch x2

100rd SAW pouch X1

M4 Double(4) magpouch x12

M4 single(2) magpouch x12

signal pouch

pop flare upright

pop flare inverted

gas mask pouch

single point leg panel MLCS

medical utility pouch

shotgun pouch 24rd

padded MOLLE belt




















Yep thats the kit we use right now. The only thing he has wrong is its SOP to have the bleeder kit on the left side...he has it on the right. The rest of the pouches are up to you. Oh and he's missing the soft body armor. The guy pictured kneeling above has it on. The Rhodesian vest is usually just used for training. The plate carrier with the cumberbund is what we carry in combat.


SOP on the MICH helmet is its painted Rustoleum 1917 khaki with bunny ears velcroed on the back, and two strips of 3x2 black velcro on the top and rear for IR tags. Alot of us have the new diamond shaped NODs mounts now too. You want a piece of 550 cord going through the top as a tie-down. The uniform is ACUs with just a subdued IR flag and no other unit identification. We used to be able to wear Merrills and such, but thats changing very soon. Now its any desert tan boot 8" tall. Basically we got legified. Oh and you want one of those Rigger belts too with like a safety lanyard to hook up into the floor of C17s or blackhawks. Only Oakley A-Frames or M-Frames are allowed.


As for weapons we have the Mk46, which is this crazy tricked out M249, M4s usually with a M68 aimpoint, PEQ2, Surefire and a pistol grip, but weapon accessorizing is lenient. I've seen guys go out and buy EOTechs and such. WPN SQDs also have the Mk48, which is basically a SAW that fires 7.62. Pretty incredible weapon system as it only weighs 17.3lbs.








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I'm still having trouble tracking down a Ranger Green PACA soft armor set, but I'm having no problems with the RAV soft armor set by Paraclete. Would this be an acceptable substitute?

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If you have the patience, triad gets in shipments quite often and companies fluctuate their gear for civilian use, so, in a few months the Sm/Md could be very rare while the Lg/XL are everywhere. Quite like the stock market lol.

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I love you R.A.T.M. JLD! Seriously.


I'll contact Triad right now and see if I can get a PACA in Ranger Green backordered. I just hope that it can get here before May 23.....I need it for OP Lionclaws, otherwise I'm going old school with some ALICE gear.

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For those interested, I found a retailer that stocks PACA Ranger Green Conceilable body armor without hard armor plate pockets..... www.shadowenterprises.net . I guess I'll have one coming in a few days.... :)

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Just got my RRV Back panel and a Paraclete smoke green hydro carrier. I'm really happy with the RRV backplate. In all aspects, its really top notch! The hydro carrier is weird though. I'm not used to MOLLE systems WITHOUT snaps...




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Okay, so most of my stuff finally came. I'll get a pic of everything all together when it comes, and expect some reviews to be posted in the articles section and the review database. Here's a running list of what I have, and what I'm still waiting on:




Eagle RRV in RG

Eagle bacplate in RG

PACA concealable in RG

Paraclete Hydrocarrier in RG

Rhino NVG arm

Old school NVG mount


Waiting on:


2x Eagle M4 Double Mag pouch


Eagle Admin Pouch


Still need to purchase:


Upright medical or GP pouch

Norotos mount

MICH 2000 (I have a 2002 right now)


Everything should be here by the end of the week. Here are some first impressions on the gear....


Eagle RRV - Fantastic! It's nice and stiff, and just reeks of quality. Much, much better than the blackhawk stuff I have. I knew that the bib could be opened and stuff could be stored inside, but I didn't know that the primary mounting platform opens as well. All of my little extras were stuffed in there when the RRV was shipped. It integrates very, very easily with Eagle backplates....I fit mine in less than 5 minutes. The plate holder is a little loose for Medium sized SAPI replicas, and unless you are wearing the RRV, the plates will flop around (also REALLY uncomfortable without soft armor underneath)


PACA soft armor - I'm disappointed by this. It just doesn't feel like it justifies its $150 price tag. When it arrived, it was a cloth shell, as I expected, and even after I added real level IIA inserts, it was still kinda wimpy. If someone made a replica in RG, I probably would have gotten that instead. As it stands though, its necessary for the RRV if you value comfort.


Eagle Backplate - Not much to say. Great quality, no complaints. The replica SAPI plate fits inside with no issues, and it's pretty comfortable to boot!


As far as goggles and comms go.....I opted to stray from the impression a bit for financial and comfort reasons. I went with ESS profile NVG goggles in Foliage Green and for comms I went with a Cavalry Elite II in OD (Selex replica). I have already received the ESS goggles, and I'm still waiting on the headset.



I'll keep you guys posted as more stuff comes in!

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This may be old news, but the japanese miltary magazine COMBAT recently had some good articles about 75th RR. Don't know how many of you read Japanese, but it had some good photos for reference.

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