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Armalite Picture Thread

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The wear from usage on that gun is starting to really give it some character. Very nice.


Thanks man!

It's a shame though that some of the wear were covered when I applied some dark brown to the gun. Maybe some beating up will fix that :P

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Heres a parts list of my gun.

Base gun: Ca m4


Upgrades externally:

Magpul body

416 shorty stock

Madbull talon front

TDI pivoting foregrip (real steel)

G&P Eotech 551

Magpul style BUIS

MAG mid caps with trades

Magpul curved trigger gaurd

Magpul MIAD grip

Madbull rasfix

G&P Scorpion light

G&P Ambi mag release



Madbull tightbore

Promethius strike chamber

Promethius soft rubber

Gaurder sp120 spring

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Although firing this then firing my WA W4, makes me wish the KA was a GBB...

I know, just busting your chaps. I planning on one, KA m7a1 converted into a classic as soon as I pick up some more funding. You did see KA GBB prototype was a m7a1...

What is that vertical grip? How do you like it? Was looking at getting a stubby grip myself.


KA stubby vertical grip, replica of the Tango Down stubby.


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