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Armalite Picture Thread

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Can someone with a good quality camera take a pic of the left side (with selector switch) of a magpul body with the mag catch assembly out?


Please focus on this part where the guys finger is, on same angle, just detailed and with flash on.



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My "Amanda"

Combat machine M16 carbine


nothing special, as I dont like M4s too much but I won it in the Guay Guay competition


kit list:


Combat Machine M16 carbine


GP 3point sling


GP flashlight clamp mount


GP Aimpoint


Noname flashlight


home-made rear sight







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Thanks for the pic I appreciate the help.





EDIT: Looked on my old CA body and there are 2 small ledges on both sides, well my one side broke.


Is there anyway I can fix this? It just needs a ledge so when I do the "left handed" style mag release it does not push the back in. Which means I would have to glue some sort of ledge on the inside.


Is this doable? Is there enough room?

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