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Armalite Picture Thread

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Wow this is what I had in mind for my nephews M4, but I'm going with the G&P Zombie reciever (the kid likes zombie movies ;) ) and an SPR flash hider with suppressor. Thank you for the pick looks like it will turn out good.

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Just installed the MK18 7" rail, but it doesnt fit 100%, there is a gap of 1-2mm to the reciver, and I cant fit my gasblock/frontsight. I am considering a Vltor Gas block (if I can fit it into the RIS?), but it would stick out a lot.. And add to the weight. Suggestions? Drop it? Leave it as it is?


A OD Vltor stock is coming soon aswell :)

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here's one of my armalite types. I just love the 203 + M16 the only down side is I don't have my heat shield and leaf sight with me so the picture is with some ugly rails on it. ha ha





It's not as much the whole gun but meh, everyone's seen an M16. I just love the quadrant sight as well. Too bad with the A3 I can't adjust it beyond 100meters, the carry handle knob gets in the way :(

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I bought an ACM DyTac replica (which, I think, is based off of LaRue's) that I should have coming pretty soon that I'll use under my RIS II. I'm 95% sure it'll work.


And seeing this is a picture thread, here's my MS Paint list of upper receiver configurations that I'll have for my M468 lower. It's MS Paint, so it's not perfect, but it gives you an idea. :)






P.S. You guys should buy the M93B in my sig. :P


(Edit) This is the one I bought: http://www.tacticalgeardepot.com/product_i...products_id=590


A bit hard to get much lower profile than that, lol.

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