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Armalite Picture Thread

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ahh thanks.... now what is a barrel nut lol...and when you say the handguard cap, you mean the one at the front, not at the delta ring right?? do I need a different delta ring as well or no?



Handguard cap IS next to the front sight just. Barrel Nut is where the spring and the delta ring are attached to which is attached to the upper body. Hope this pic helps Clicky!

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You need a matech buis (or replica) and then you are done. Also, it isn't inaccurate but that grip is really more popular for those with the M16s with longer (heavier) rifles. M4 peoples have more traditional vertical forward grips. But I am sure there will be a thousand pictures to prove me wrong.


What kind of sling system are you using. Armorers like to put one-point sling adapters on the backend of the receiver, the manufacturer varies from unit to unit.


okay hope that helps.

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Fin - May I ask how what you did to those KA mags, liking the look ;)


Thanks in advance


Cheers :) Using citadel paints (AKA warhammer, games workshop paints) i took some 'Codex grey' and using a clean cotton rag i rubbed some paint onto the mag, once thats done and dry i did the same thing using 'chainmail'. However i used the chainmail a bit lighter so that the grey shows through a bit and leaves the mag a bit slightly dull like the real ones.


Good luck ;)

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