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Armalite Picture Thread

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Cleanse, Purge, Kill!!


Guzzi, very nice Boltpistol!

It does look a little clean though. Given that most weapons in Space Marine service are ancient, I'd go for a very scratchy look, with maybe some Latin verses in Gothic alphabet on it


Hmm...Im liking your ideas :D I like the more work look myself. Maybe Ill have to run it along some walls or something :D


Admittedly, it was never going to be more than a modern day interpretation of a bolt pistol, but it has progressed somewhat. A 7.62mm receiver would be better, if there were curved mags available. And dont worry, a 7.62mm Armapistol is very high on my list of priorities. Might do that one in Blood Angels red.



The original reasoning for the Armapistol was do have a backup gun that could take the same mags as my main M15a2. As I travel to games on a motorbike, mag compatability was a big plus. So I made my own pistol. Since then, it (as well as the rest of my Armapistol collection) has taken on a character and life of its own :)



Pforcerecon: I fully agree. I have a plain jane M15VN, and did have an XM177E2 before I drowned it.


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This is true, I've had the chance to play with my buddies gun, and I can't lie they can be quite fuzzy and warm and comfy, but at the same time it just kills the look. At least for me it does, I can understand how others might like it and how it can serve a small purpose.

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They are Nitro Vo Rails

Might be termed Rail Armor




didnt occur to me dboys made a set of them for cheaaap



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Makes my gun look naked. :)


I prefer my armalites simple.




Although when I am absolutely forced to, I just slap some stuff to it.



Pretty much only Systema internals in a G&P shell. Absolutely the nicest gun I've ever owned.

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