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Armalite Picture Thread

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Here is my current and probably my most favorite build


Parts list:

-KWA M4 cqb


-Madbull Noveske KX3 flash hider

-Madbull version two Black Python inner barrel custom cut

-unknown brand PRI flip up replica

-unknown brand ARMs #40 replica

-Guarder Ergo foregrip (soon to be a grip pod)

-G&P Aimooint

-Random Battery bag

-Dboys Beta Mag

-a whole buttload of awesome







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didn't change much from last time, but who gives a *suitcase*....it's still gorgeous :P



QDRenegade, your rifle is hot.


Haha thanks guys. Im trying to shoot a few more photos at the moment - hopefully I can capture some variation.


ETA: Only one photo turned out decently. The DragonRed ChinEOTech is definately a looker though...



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Burn him at the stake!!!!


Never never put a 203 on that beauty


His AEG is unbalanced. It's either a m203 or a scope and a bipod. In his previous post the scope and bipod was much better. If he want's to keep this balanced, then his gonna have to put something on the front.

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Preliminary Picture. I have more thing planed,M3 and TD VFG to name a few, not to mention some better lighting.


Hey, your Costa inspired SR-15 is looking good. I think you're the only other person I've seen with the SR-15 URX Rail so far on this site (though I see you have the VFC Sr-15). Keep us posted, will 'ya? I'm addicted to the URX rail.

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