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Armalite Picture Thread

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i've never posted in a photo thread before and i'm going to do so with a shot from my phone:




originally a ka m4 spc

400fps, pom piston, pdi spring, prom 6.03mm inner barrel

le stock w/ lithium stock pipe (11.1v with deans inside)

16" outer barrel

vltor mur metal body

troy 10" ras (mrf-mx)

troy buis

troy m7a1 rear sling mount

td vert grip and rail covers

random tac light


i'm open to suggestions what other furniture would complement my gun and what kind of optics it's going to need then maybe i'll post a new photo with my digi when i find some double a's.

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The wires! My eyes! The gun looks good, but the external wires kind of ruin it.


I am waiting for my Magpul ASAP to show up tomorrow. I wasnt going to run the wires through the buffer tube today only to take it all apart tomorrow. The go in th buffer tube. Do you realy think I would take the time to build this and then just run a barrey bacg on a MOE stock?

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I didn't think so, why do you think I was so appalled.


Funny. It is one of the most solid guns I have built. No a wobble or creek anywhere on it.


I am looking forward to trying the ASAP out. It will definitely look better with the FH and MBUS.

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Noveske N4 10" is finally done.


Parts list:


G&P Noveske Body

Madbull Noveske 10" rail

G&P 10" Outer barrel

G&P Knights style flash hider

VFC 8mm gear box

G&P M120 motor

Replica tango down stubby VFG


Eotech 552 replica

Magpul ASAP

Magpul enhanced trigger guard

Magpul MOE stock

Magpul MOE grip

Magpul XTM panels in FDE

Prometheus inner barrel

Prometheus NEO Hop up chamber



Running a socom gear 11.1v lipo in the buffer tube.


340FPS and 34RPS


Comments welcome. Pictures are not great because of the iphone.











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