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Knackered and battered, cheap and cheerful

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Feel free to post pics of cheap guns you got from the toot store, broken guns, crusty scratched up guns, very old guns, guns in parts, mods that went wrong etc etc.....



Here is my Jieke P99 for your swooning:



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I would post a pic of my friends really cheap pistol, but I think he threw it away. It was a "3 Dollar Pistol" (because it one of the pistols bought at a flea-market for $3 each) that was originally black, then poorly painted blue, then poorly painted black again. The gun was spring and must have shot at around 70 fps. The paint was so thick that you could barely cock the slide back.

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It was based on an SR-25 I saw in a magazine. It had the most OTT suppressor I've ever seen on a gun, and I just fell in love with it :)


EDIT: Here you go, guy on the right has one.



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I forgot about my Mirco UZI! I have another one, but it's in several dozen pieces. I sprayed the tip and "magazine" (does not actually hold BBs) chrome. You can't see it in these pics, but there's a rubber band holding the door of the gravity-fed hopper closed. This thing isn't workin upside down, lol.




With my PSP (<3) and phone. Note the picture of my Spetsnaz on the PSP:



Sorry for the bad lighting and pics - my camera sucks.

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Ahhh, I can't believe I missed those fam-16 pics. :(


Anyway, I'm not sure if this is technically airsoft, but it is the crappiest bb launching device I have. It will not penetrate tissue paper (1 ply) from any distance. It can launch a .2 about 5 feet (artillary stlyle)





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