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china EKP 1S-03 scope (russian kobra red dot)

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Saw it at a local shop retailing USD $90.


Includes sun hood






russian markings & serial number




trying the red dot








here's my mini review


1. comparing it with my real steal kobra, the illumination on this sight is a little dimmer


2. comparing it with my real deal kobra, the china clone is a tad lighter


3. the elevation and windage of the china clone is colored black while the real steal one is gray


4. the screws on the mount on the clone is cross, while on the real thing are flat screws


5. according to the shop owner there is no ghosting, but to me there is slight ghosting.


conclusion: its a 99% clone appearance-wise, and would fool you, if you do not examine it thoroughly



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Is the reticule zeroable, because in your pictures it's way off too the left?


That, sir, is the evil power of a Red Dot Sight. Be aware of it, and protect yer children whilst you can.

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I purchased this and I'm actually have trouble zeroing it.


It doesnt seem to want to adjust via the knobs ont he side. No matter how far I turn it, the dot doesnt move! As it is it's stuck in the far bottom left hand corner, certainly nowhere near where I would like it.


Any ideas?

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