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So, I finally re-painted my Protec ACE. Now that that is done, I figured I would post pictures of my brain buckets. First, my PASGT that I painted as a test for kicks:




I bought a Mk. 6 I found in an Army/Navy store because they are expensive as Hell online and not common in the US:





Now, for the ACE. I wanted OD with a mix between light and dark contrast, so painted it tan and brown which looked awesome:





And then I put my net on, and went at it. I didn't make it OD enough for my liking and there was too much brown for my liking, so I gently sprayed some OD over the brown parts and to help with breaking up the straight lines and a consistent OD look at a distance:







Not nearly as nice as pretty much any helmets in this thread, but hey, why not share? lol

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If you wear the blue one on the left portion of your helmet and the red on the right, others can tell if you're facing towards them or away from them. It's like the red & green lights on a boat.



I get this, but wouldn't this make an excellent target for the enemy at night?

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Finally have some pictures of my lid, its about 80% done. My Surefire Helmet light and MS2000 Strobe came in today but I have no acceptable way of mounting either. Without further ado here is my budget Ops-Core style Protec.





hey what straps did you use on your protec A-Alpha? I've been meaning to switch out mines for something more snug.

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@ Purvins and Blackweel!


What is that thing on your FASTs? I've always wondered. It looks like comms but it is too high and not attached to anything. Is it a light? Sorry for the dumb question I've just always seen those doohickies on those side rails with no idea what they are.

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