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I just fixed the links to my post earlier






My SEAL-ish Lid. Pls excuse the Rhino arm, it was a freebie and I guess it'll stay on until I can get a TATM


USGI Goggle Retainers

3hole Norotos with Rhino arm

Bolle X800

Skydex 3/4" Pads


Im still waiting for a Ops Core H Nape and some IR Tabs/Flags. Also debating whether or not to get bungee's for this

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IBH* /w rails & NVG mount

custom paintjob

2x US military flag ACU

ms2000 strobe*

SureFire* light VER II

pvs15* /w battery pack* and custom paintjob

IR Velcro Safety Lite





Where'd you get the repo battery pack? Also, does the fake Wilcox arm fit perfectly on that IBH shroud or did you have to mod it?

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FAST CARBON HELMET* w/ Rhino Mount* & Side Railway DE


custom paintjob

Headset and Helmet Rail Adapter Set /w comtac II headsets

Rhino NV metal arms mount / Green

Red & Green Velcro Safety Lite ( Class A )

US flag pouch

ms2000 strobe*

elastic straps

(still waiting for a crye multicam helmet cover* and a manta strobe)

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This has been finished for a while now, just forgot to post it up.


Here's my lid.










BAE mich 2001.

Wilcox L2 G05 + Lanyard.

S&S Precision Manta Strobe.

S&S Precision Green + Red V-Lites.

Princeton Tec IR MPLS ( really impressed with this)

AN/PVS 18 + Wilcox Dovetail Upgrade x2/ LIF/Demist + Orion Filter Not Pictured.

IR Flag + IR Tab.

Ops Core H-Nape Chinstrap.

TX flag

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Lightbulb Seems a little bit of an odd way of mounting the Contour.


Even SteevoLS mount is a little high up. and looks prone to snagging on things



I've used one of the low profile mounts. Mounting the camera upside down helps as well

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Its mounted on a m6 bolt through the vents in the top to avoid drilling a hole. A steel washer each side and a nut on to keep it in position.


Worked well enough yesterday but it is much like running around with a fish hook on my head (I like the mental image of that).


I learnt to duck extra low after about 20 minutes of play but I think I shall mount it on the side.


Worked well whilst I was in a hurry though and does give a nice wide angle shot mount way up there! :)




The basic problem is that the sticky mounts it comes with don't seem to curve right for the shape of the helmet. I think I will either get a ris adaptor or mount it the same but on a hole drilled through the side. Problem is its taller than it is long so ideal I wouldn't use the tripod mount.


I could get it closer if I cut down the bolt. I have a tap and die set so I can cut the thread again if it gets messed up cutting it short. Got a few weeks to sort it out anyway as I am not going again for a little while.

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