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I ran out into the light of day to get some better, lighter shots of the lid... They show it off much better, don't they? :)

A mod may merge this with post #93 if he should see fit.

(and clicky for larger pictures)







Oh, and a shot of the pad setup I run with the Sordins;


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That it is.

It's fine, the bowman headsets are more or less maid for this kind of use.

It will however 'hug' your ears a bit tighter, nautrally. The Bowman builds out a bit.

Oh, and be prepared to wipe alot of sweat off 'round your ears :P

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heres my plan and thoughts suggestions

Helmet loadout


G&P distress marker bb loader

£12 (5th)



IBH helmet with night vision mount

£33 (2nd)



Arena mozambik goggles

£45 (first priority)



comtac -II

£34 (3rd)



goggle retention straps

£4 (4th)


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whered you get the cover? Is it self made?


Dimitri of Psb [i.e. Soviet Propaganda, but I have never gone via his website] :)


Fits a P2 ssh68 perfectly, and as cheap as making 3 covers out of an issue BDU not even counting the effort of time :)


Also available in KLMK and DigiFlora.






Link removed due to misunderstanding ;)

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This is the only picture I have right now. I can't take any newer pictures until I find some new batteries. :/


Left to right: Replica, got funky with the sharpies.


Real-steal PASGT that a friend in the Air Force gave me, used in Iraq. Rhino arm and mount are real as well. Never payed a cent for any of it.


And a real-steal M1 with an early-style woodland cover. I've written stuff on it since this picture was taken.



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