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Just finished painting the ballistic. Tried my best to replicate the real Ops-Core FAST Ballistic in DG2 Urban Tan. The paint used was Krylon Khaki. Painted using a dusting method to let some of the original color show through.


Still looking to add an MS2000, V-Lite, and EOG Battery Pouch to the back.


Call sign patches made by my buddy Kevin (Leon Kennedy).









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Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet

- NOROTOS Universal Shroud

- Peltor Comtac II Dual-Comms

- Peltor Arc-Rail Adapters

- ContourGPS

- Contour Profile Mount

- Norwegian flag, blood type and name patches

- NFM Garm FR Neck Gaiter


Also pictured:

- Team Wendy EPIC Air pad set

- Ops-Core H-Nape

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Anyone using a Contour ARC rail mount should take it apart and put some threadlocker on the center screw. Mine worked its way free while I wore it--luckily I had tethered the camera.


Also, now that I have it apart I noticed that the previously useless tilt function is infinitely adjustable if you loosen the two screws on either side of the pivot. I'm thinking of modding mine to delete the center plastic spacer to make it sit closer in.

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Making the rail mount lower profile would be a good move. It drives me nuts how not low profile the Contour ARC rail mount is. And the home brew solutions I've seen people do to adapt regular Ops-Core mounts haven't been the strongest and most reliable applications from my experience.

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Guys, I have a fe questions just to be sure what to buy.


I would like to instal a L3G24 on my brain bucket, but there is nothing on the said bucket to mount anything yet.

So, in order to be able to instal this L3G24 I would need a FMA cover and FMA NRT. Am I right?

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