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Minor updates to my bump lid, purely for airsoft functionality:




The SF helmet light mount is bolted directly to the rail for a lower profile. The headset has the straps removed and is screwed directly into the helmet from the inside. The padding on the earpiece has also been removed, allowing the speaker to float over the ear without impeding hearing or causing discomfort. Looks like I can further simplify things by replacing the left side mask strap with a simple bit of Velcro on the bottom loop of the headset. Still planned:


Element/Z Tac mic light

Homemade version of the planned Oakley eye shield

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I've started using 3M dual lock instead of typical contour mounts, much lower profile and very secure.


Ex, call GSS gear in virginia beach and ask for mike, nobody else would probably even know what an airframe is, /fail considering its the largest tactical gear store in the US.


if they don't have any get in touch with me, I can steal one from a buddy probably, unless I can find mine.

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TBH Is never worth calling Crye, TNVC is one of the least helpful places unless you have gov credentials or work in the industry, same with grey group unless you deal with their online service.


the two best options online are optacical and SKDtac, when that fails try GSS or Tactical distributors. TD mostly does clothes, GSS has a huge inventory, and if you get the right person on the phone they can be very helpful, well all the staff are nice and helpful, they just have such a large inventory not everyone knows what all they stock.

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