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I'm really new to all this modern stuff. Can someone run me through exactly what Yellowstar has on his lid and its purpose. Also, I see a lot of peoples glasses come with elsticated cord, do they come like this or are people modding them. Any other info on what you might find on a helmet greatly appreciated.


Thought German WWII was complicated but this stuff is mind boggling.

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Night vision are PVS 15s.


V lite on the side and Strobe on the back, and IR flag is for identification; in theatre it prevents your own team shooting you and allows them to see your location.


Arc rails allow mounting of accessories like goggles, comms, cameras and lights etc.


Modern helmet gear varies greatly from unit to unit and country to country. I myself am currently working on a Canadian sof kit, which generally seems to be much more pared down and 'bare bones'.

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...Also, I see a lot of peoples glasses come with elsticated cord, do they come like this or are people modding them....


Those Smith Boogie goggles come with a rubber strap, but they sell a shock cord/Velcro strap that includes posts for ARC rails. It looks like Yellowstar modded his straps a little.

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Received my Airframe replica yesterday. I just threw some bits on there to make it a little less... naked looking.

Plans for the future:

- Manta Strobe replica

- Another 2 V-Lites (red and green for left/right identification)

- Comtac Arc Rail adaptors

- Arc goggle adaptors for Boogie Regulator goggles

- IR Italian flags

- Team Wendy Epic Air pads

- Team Wendy H-nape

- VAS Shroud replica (anyone know where I can get one?)

- NVD mount replica (not sure on type)

- A-TACS NVD counterweight


I'm going to be working on a Multicam kit soon, so I'll pick up the Crye cover and start a build for that then too.


Without further ado, pictures:









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hi folks, bought a fast ops helmet and noticed it has a nice moulding lump on the top, did anyone else have this problem? if so di you just sand it down then stick the velcro on or just stick it on?

also with the goggle loops on the rail mounts how are you guys attaching the goggles? do you need to buy special straps or can the goggle straps be undone to slip on? looking at getting rails etc for my mich.

sorry for the noobish questions.


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