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Unless you are crawling through thick brush the bungee isn't too much of a snag hazard. And personally wearing a helmet in an environment like that is silly. I like my bungee for adding foliage at less dense fields and at a field where I may shift between MOUT and the woods. Its all personal preference obviously.

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Helmet as it sits now.  I still plan on adding a few items though.  I'm thinking rail adaptors for Comtac IIs, Surefire helmet light, a Manta strobe, and the real Crye rails.  Should be done then.


Don't mind the not-so-tactical Puma hoodie.  I couldn't be bothered to put on all my gear for a headshot.



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found an old pro-tec around the house and did it up!!! loved the way it turned out but i hate how huge it is on my head

anyone know a small helmet that doesnt have the styrofoam like liner but will still take a few blows!!

ive been looking at pro-tec ace wake helmets and the a-alpha half shells!!   im assuming the alphas are just cut up pro-tecs??




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It'll have a little bit more on it soon... a Contour, probably a counterweight pouch, and I'm gonna look into what I'd have to mod to get my Surefire helmet light on here... still sitting uselessly on my 2002.  Oh, and the Boogie Regulator bungee clips.  But I think that's about it.

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- MSA MICH 2000
- Team Wendy and Ops-Core pads
- Ops-Core H-Nape
- STS PVS-21 Mount
- ACR MS-2000(M) IR Strobe

Going the UKSF route with this one. I know it should be a Gentex, but I'm working with what I've got. Just need to get myself one of those "choc block" counterweights and a resin PVS-21 replica, and I'm happy with this one.


- MSA MICH 2002
- Ops-Core OCC-Dial Liner
- TT Goggle Retention Straps
- PVS-14 Mount with Cyalume holders.

This one is inspired by a friend of mine's MICH 3002 during his deployment in an OMLT.
He rocked a custom counterweight setup I haven't been able to get a hold of, but other than that I think it's done.


- Cato-Ringstad Soldat-2000 Helmet
- Cato-Ringstad Reversible Helmet Cover
- Bollé x800, tinted lenses

Friend of mine got this cheap when an airsoft store sold them a few years back, bought it off him for next to nothing. Since I can't seem to track down a desert helmet cover for it, I think I'll try to keep it looking like how I ran mine during my service.
Got another "Norwegian Style" NV-mount (rear bracket) inbound from the UK.
Originally wanted to see if I could modify this one to run the OCC-Dial liner in it, but I think it serves me better in the 2002.

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