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I have an IBH helmet and I have a small head, I need nice foam pads that really beef up the helmet so I can wear the helmet without it falling behind my head even with the chinstrap on. I live in the UK and have been looking for some not on eBay, can't find anything. Anybody got any help?


I need a UK store. Also I'm looking for a cheap Rhino Arm in black sold in the UK, EB's is too much.


(Great helmets by the way!)


- Thanks

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I'm not sure on the exact model name. A friend of mine had told me that G&P had taken liberties and sort of "made up" their own design, but after some research, told me it was a replica of a rare Protec model which I suppose never went into a lot of production. Here's a pic of the real deal:


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Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, but with the mich replicas they have a plastic or vinyl (not sure what it is) edging around it.


Now i sprayed mine with krylon but the edges will not dry at all and the paint is just coming off all sticky.


Any one have any ideas what i can base coat this with that will dry, so i can respray it again ?


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