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Helmet Pictures

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Darn, I thought it was obvious I was going for Tsimshian :P

Thanks though, it's a satisfying result as long as you have plenty of time to sit around making the stencils (assuming you do it that way).  For me it was many hours of pouring over books and artifacts well spent at least.

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It's really just an amalgam of the main elements although I forgot the eyebrows, silly me.

What I will say is you need to plan it better than I did, because the average helmet shape really needs a more distributed design than I drew.  For example to get feet on the ear domes both legs are basically at the back, which isn't so good. (also as ever, remember to take the curve into account, because I didn't and it needed a lot of work to correct down the line)

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I have a question for Ops-Core users.
Does anyone run them without the chinstrap (no NVG)?
I got one recently, and even though I haven't had the chance to field it, just trying it on at home, the strap bugs me big-time. The presence of a generous beard on my face has some influence in that...

Any input is appreciated!

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