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Here are a couple of Bazookas I built. Both fire 40mm grenades through a removable inner barrel that locks into the front end of the gun. The painted one is my prototype, the unpainted one is one I built to sell.





Thats the front sight, a simple piece of work that is frustratingly hard to build by hand. If I had a press, or a die cutter, or even a lathe it would be quick work to cut out the inner shapes, but as I only have hand tools, it took me about 10 hours to bring it to what you see here, or roughly a third of the entire build time of the Bazooka.


Its not quite right for this model of the bazooka, but most people wont even notice, this is more along the lines of the first Bazooka, which had a different rear sight and a second forgrip. But this one works great, so I can deal with it.


The unpainted one came in at 51" which is about an inch longer than what the real one was, and should weigh about 15 pounds or so loaded, a few pounds lighter than the real deal, but if I added all the other items to represent the electrical system on the real ones, I am sure it would get closer to the real ones weight. But seing as this is used for airsoft, and I dont care to lug around 20 pounds on my shoulder when I could carry 15, I will stay with the lighter one :P

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You did a great job. I spent close to 30 hours scaling photos.






When I fabricated my front site I used a 1/8th drill bit and drilled 60-70 holes, then pryed out the metal. Then spent about 2 hours filling.




This one has a slightly large tube and shoots tennis balls, with the worlds largest hopup system for a flat trajectory. Uses CO2 and a pressure range of 60-290 psi, and uses a 2 inch piston valve with a 1/4" qev as a pilot with a blowgun trigger.



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You did a great job.


When I fabricated my front site I used a 1/8th drill bit and drilled 60-70 holes, then pryed out the metal. Then spent about 2 hours filling.




First off, thanks for the complement.


I had come across yours when I was building my first one and liked the idea of shooting tennis balls with Hop-up, but I didnt want to have to run it off of CO2, as I had planned on making several and selling them. Having something firing off of 40mm Grenades is relatively safe, and most sites would allow it to be used, but I didn't want to sell something that could be quite dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced player. Not sure if I will go into production with them anymore, so I may retrofit my prototype with the CO2 power system.


On my prototype I did the same thing on the sights, drilled a ton of holes around the perimeter and then spent alot of time filling, and it still didnt look that good. I spent 4 hours, then called it good enough.


Hoping to save some time, I went with 1/8" metal instead of 1/4" and welded the hood on to it. I guess I really didnt save any time, but it looks a lot nicer that is for sure.


Oh, and I accidentally wrote lathe for tools that it would be easier to build the sight with, meant a Mill. Would be a bit tricky to build one of these things on a lathe :P

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Anyone here heard of the ruger XMK1? I thought not, so i will post pics.

Basically its just a kjw mk1 carbine with a new barrel (inner and outer), m4 rail system and some ingenuity.

Still needs a little work, the ris needs dremeling to fit on better and i need a longer silencer imo, but hey i needed soemthing to do with my boneyard mk1.


yes, its borderline hand made.

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QUOTE (Support Gunner Gilome @ Dec 13 2009, 10:19 AM) *

My first ever post hehe

My Tashina Grenade launcher. havent got an AK yet!


Is that a Candyman original creation?



Yes thats one of mine, not sure which one though, looks like it need to come back to the candy shop for a repaint!

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Nice work on that ruger :rolleyes:

I posted this in the SMG thread, but I guess it fits here as well. Base gun was an AGM sten, with a Modified ruger min-14 stock (modded by a local carpenter). I made the magazine, and fitted the gun too the stock. It's more or less finished, but I would like a new frontend made at some point.

Gun is the Japanese WW2 Vintage type-100






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