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Can't really recall the number of rounds used, but definitely a lot cycled through from just monkeying around. I'd say maybe a good 1000-1500 times now and the only part that's broken is the disconnector. Not really sure how it broke exactly with it being a low stress part. From what I recall, the pump handle suddenly got stuck so I pulled it back forcefully which broke the disconnector. Couldn't replicate it now for the life of me so I'm assuming something foreign found it's way in which I do often anyways like chucking batteries, shotgun shells and figurines out the lifter. As for the bolt and lifter, they're in pretty good shape. Not really been skirmishing it a lot as I'm still amassing my horde of shells plus some VN goodies I'm waiting for in the mail. It can take the heavier CA shells now after replacing the lifter spring with a stiffer one, but since I've purchased those new Vanaras POM shells I'm really liking those a lot more. They're much lighter, better quality overall and they will eject real easy even if you tilt the gun upwards a bit and canted to the left.

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This is my SV98 that I just finished week ago. It was my first stock ever so I'm pretty happy on it. Base gun is APS-2 SV 2,6j. I would really like to have real POSP weaver scope on it but those are quite expensive so....


More pictures of the gun and making of the stock will be behind the link.


Edit: And here is the link that I forget to put =D




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I don't even recognise the two towards the back - the sub-calibre Kalashnikov-looking one and the Type 97b-looking one. What're those? Are there build logs?


the 9mm AK jobby is a PP19-01 (pretty much a PP19 bizon using stick mags) and the bullpup thing at the back is from ghost in the shell, cant remember what its called.

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Building things is lots of fun.


Scratch-built double-barreled 40mm grenade launcher.




Two Maruzen M1100-based shotguns. Semi-auto, powered by external gas, spit 9 BBs per trigger pull as quickly as you can pull it.






Stubby ACM M500. Had to totally rebuild the feed mechanism, now it works on Marui tri-shot shells.




And nothing changed about the gun, but the homemade shells mean that instead of belting one BB at 400-500fps it shoots six at a time at a much more reasonable velocity and decent spread.



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