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So I have this nerf gun with a large rocket launcher, and I thought, why not launch it with my M203? Problem with that was finding a way to attach it so it doesn't come off, be able to take it off quickly if needs be, and create a seal so the gas doesn't leak out. I should have taken pictures as I made it, but I didn't think to do it till I left the shop ><


Basically what I did do was:

Shave the excess plastic off the base so it will sit snuggly against the M203

Modify a washer that was too big to attach to the base of the rocket stock

Cut out material around the base to allow the clips to sit properly

Epoxy and attach rubber to the base of the stock to create a seal

Remove the air restricter on the end of the stock to increase airflow

Cut and shape the metal clips



Although you can't see how it was made, the pictures should give you a good idea how it is built, should you want to make your own.








Larger pictures can be provided.


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You should see HOW he built those... everytime he builds a gun, he gives proper updates, on every little piece.. and its something to see.. from some lumps of ally, wood comes those... Just beautiful. I can't wait to see what he'll do next... I also can't wait to see when he'll sell one!

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