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Ghostbuster's Proton Pack AEG from the 80's movie "Ghostbuster"


- Base on Proton Pack plan by Stefan Otto and Proton wand plan by Sean Bishop

- Version 1 gearbox, 225mm inner barrel, M249 hop -up chamber, 380 fps 25rps

- Primary motorized magazine inside the pack (Synchronous Generator), secondary feed coil (Lonex flash mag) inside the proton wand

- main battery located at the pack (Crank Generator)

- All lighting effect working (Proton Wand, Cyclotron and Power cell)

- Speaker and mp3 player at the pack (N-Filter) for sound effect


For videos



* pic and videos courtesy of John Nieves - location CXG QC, Ph



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Not sure where to post, I guess I'll just drop it here.


Finally got my (first) 3D printer, I was so excited and printed bunch of useless stuff lol


Saw a strike head for G5 before, but the $$ is little bit steep and that looks heavy, also not into that meat tenderizer pattern...


Did some measurements and printed my own in PLA (same stuff as bio BBs) , then painted black.




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I wish someone would use this same process to make lightweight compensators for pistols and rifles. On many pistols, just that little bit of aluminium or steel weight on the end of the barrel can really screw-up functional reliability.


By the way, your strike head came out looking great.

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that's because those pistols are still loyal to browning style action - barrel has to drop to delay blowback




Recently most 2011 style race gun kits omits the drop to ensure smooooooooth cycle, and use VERY hearvy barrel & comp to dampen the recoil

Although they lost some authentic-ness that way

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That I understand, but I'm not looking for the compensator to be put on a 2011 race gun. I'm trying to replicate my real steel IPSC 1911 from many, many years back that was based on a Colt 1911.


The compensator that matches pretty close, is the Punisher made by WE, but I dont believe it will fit on my TM. 

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Guess I will have to look harder then. The comp has to  be the same shape as the full end of the slide (height and width). The Punisher was the one that was the closest to the actual shape of the one that I had on my Colt. Wish I had pictures of it as it was really nice.

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I see there is a custom-built gun topic where I forget to share my OTs-14 conversation. This one was made from WE/WELL AK74UN using my conversion kit. I also made a DaytonaGun version using an E&L AK74UN as donor. The parts was made by cnc-technology - carry handle, lower handguard, silencer, stock.




WELL/WE/GHK OTs-14 Conversion kit

WELL/WE/GHK OTs-14 Conversion kit


WE-WELL OTs-14 conversion kit, final version

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Grab the file and print your own if AR magwell is your thing, or use services like 3DHubs if you don't have a printer.




As a side note I wish I could share the G5 strike/bulk head above, but at further inspection of my earlier work I was not very happy about the measurements, I think I will revise the design before releasing it.



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