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I will try to explain what I did on my AUG:


Handmade job on the receiver:


-Cutting the receiver at the base (you can see a little junction) with the help of a milling machine operator.

-I made the new rail support with a metal piece. With milling machine for obtain the nearest profile required, then I do adjustements and finishings with saw and file

-I glued this support on the receiver with a super-strong-of-the-death glue (araldite) :rolleyes: I was impressed to see how its STRONG! :blink:

-I picked the top rail on a Jing Gong AUG A3, where I filed the extremities and the underside

-I drilles two filled bores on the right side, then I screwed a rail for the flashlight


Handmade job on the barrel unit:


-Cutting the gas block and the grip’s support

-I turned the barrel support who was conical for obtain a cylindric profile



Handmade on the mini-RIS:


-Bought this part

-I reamed the inner diameter to fit with the barrel support diameter

-I sawed and lined the top rail

-I made two notchs on each side




On the receiver: Krylon khaki

On the body: (Krylon) entirely with khaki, then I used a fishnet stocking and I sprayed some bands with medium brown and olive



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Here's some random stuff....








Glock AEP based



Custom UMP9 magazine







Also these things....






MP7K 9mm & SL8 Shorty. Not so much 'home made', as 'assaulted with a hacksaw' :D

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Project details


Owen Gun History



Body is custom made from a scaled up picture


Internals are AGM MP40 gearbox and barrel.

Hopup is AGM mp40 modified to feed from the top


Some pictures


Urban Camo




Battery Compartment, Battery Custom 8.4 volt














The Engineer (Bladerunner)




The Designer (Lazyboy)




Thanks Bladerunner for the awesome engineering :D


We are Currently half way through building 2 Sten Guns (Mk2)

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