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Very nice set-up on your m14. You just can't go wrong with 'em.





Not quite up to DMR standards, but it seems to do the job well enough that I never feel the urge to flip on full-auto, and it's one of the more accurate airsoft rifles I've owned, so I feel she earns a small slot in this thread.


She's a highly upgraded CYMA m14. Looking to get a TM hop-up and possibly a prommy tightbore in the near future which I think would complete her.

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Sold the sucker. Original G&G body broke one me, then it turned into a never ending project. Ended up with a CA on it, looking something like this before i sold it :) Want to pick up another one for sure, probably will just end up getting a used A&K.




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Cyma (Cybergun version with trademarks and serialnumer) galil SAR as base, not much stock internals left.




Guarder tightbore was a POS, so KM tn 6.02 Tightbore is on the way.

Prometheus soft bucking

SCS hop

Prowin CNC'd hopup chamber with my barrel support mods

Dboys gearbox shell, I tried cyma, king arms and deepfire shells and the dboys worked the best.

Guarder infinite torgue up motor

Guarder original steel gearset


Cyma 7mm metal bushings (will be replaced)

Systema area 1000 piston

Systema area 1000 cylinderhead with sorbo pads

Highly polished cyma cylinder with a hole drilled in to match the barrel lenght.

DeepFire aluminium pistonhead with "super" O-ring

Deepfire brass nozzle with THIS mod

Cyma nylon tappetplate

King arms spring guide

Madbull M140 spring

16 AWG wiring with IRL1404Z mosfet


Powered by a dualsky 7,4V 2100mah 30C lipo fit inside the handguard. Veryvery snappy trigger response, but I will possibly get a SW-lion to make it precock.




Element side sight mount thingy

Cyma AK sight mount

King arms 3-9x 40 scope

Selfmade cheekrest

Going to get a longer flashider to hide the new TB.



Shoots good 490fps with .2's . :)

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My MK12 Mod1 (sorta) GBBr.. Before I begin, yes I know the scope mount is wrong but I used it since the correct one is in route..




G&P WOC Base

G&P SPR conversion kit with G&P OPS Inc. 12th model silencer

G&P m3 replica

Magpul MIAD

Magpul PTS UBR

Harris HBLM-S bipod

Prime AEG hopup unit with 590mm AEG barrel



I haven't had the ability to shoot long distances due to my location and the fact our field hasn't been open for play in quite a while. My last good chrono of the gun had me hitting about 575FPS on Propane with the NPAS turned all the way for power and not recoil.

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My DMR has changed alot since it was last posted here.


Now a finished SPR Mod-0.




Pictured with its little brother.

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