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Some classical SAM-R style M16 photos



Dboy's M16A4 with an old Sytema Mechabox, torque-up gears & M140 spring...Regular Dboy's motor btw. and going strong. Running a 9.6V NiMh, no Li-po yet.

A.C.M Folding sight

A.C.M Bipod

Some Illuminated Optics

And Hey Presto... a SAM-R of a sort of a DMR rifle.

Needs a 20rd Pmag.

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Something a bit different: WE M14 (with Ra-Tech trigger group) inside a realsteel TROY S.A.S.S. (Semi Automatic Sniper System) chassis. Very nice high-end chassis, CNC aluminum, the M14 needs a f

Hopefully this isn’t heresy, here’s my latest DMR build.  KJ Works KC02, gutted and refitted with Rogueworx internals. Stuck in a Samson B-TM stock and given a custom turned tapered outer barrel.

Posted Images

Cheers, Its had a nice lick of paint since that was taken I'll hopefully get an updated shot tomorrow maybe.


I love that build of yours Ivan, is that one of those fancy VFC bi-pods if so what is the weight light ?


Its a shame those LaRue bodies don't have some nice engraved trades on that side of them as its a little barren.

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