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Something a bit different: WE M14 (with Ra-Tech trigger group) inside a realsteel TROY S.A.S.S. (Semi Automatic Sniper System) chassis. Very nice high-end chassis, CNC aluminum, the M14 needs a f

I get the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll, but since you're trying to use geography to justify stupidity I'll type a few lines in defense of American airsoft. I play milsim airsoft in multi

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The PEQ is visible in the tube at the 1x. Its in the lower 15%-20% of the FOV. But you would have no issue using the optic. At anything with magnification you don't notice it at all...


Accupoint TR24 has a eye relief of 3.2", which the way I am shooting I have no issue using it at 1x as a reflex sight even with stock at full collapse. But it works better with the stock at position 2 or 3 if you are shooting closer to 4x, so that is where I usually leave it. If you shoot really close with your nose to the charging handle, or have a scope with longer eye relief, you might want to think of using SPR-E instead.

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And here is my own AEG DMR in the form of one very highly tuned CA AUG A1. To be honest I don't know exactly what parts are in this gun, as its about 6 years old and has 3 owners in total. All I know is that it has the PDC(?) hop unit in it, Guarder gearbox internals and a PDI tightbore. Tightbore runs to just inside the standard flashhider, which was removed in order to mount the silencer, which works like a charm apparently. ~15m shot, target didn't hear it.


Running at 380 on 0.28s. Longest confirmed kill at 360 feet.




It's the rifle being used in this pic taken at the NZ Nationals recently.





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