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JG Steyr Aug with H-bar kit and custom drum mag!


You know, I can see why the HBAR never caught on. That bipod is just a big lever bending the unsupported barrel upwards. It looks like if you set it down too hard it would snap, which is a shame because it's a beautiful gun...

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Something a bit different: WE M14 (with Ra-Tech trigger group) inside a realsteel TROY S.A.S.S. (Semi Automatic Sniper System) chassis. Very nice high-end chassis, CNC aluminum, the M14 needs a f

I get the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll, but since you're trying to use geography to justify stupidity I'll type a few lines in defense of American airsoft. I play milsim airsoft in multi

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it did catch on, with the autsrian army.


No, it didn't. AFAIK the Austrian Army uses the MG74; it doesn't use the HBAR much if at all. I don't think they use the HBAR-T much either - I think their primary accurate arm is the SSG 69. The second-biggest AUG buyer (Australia) doesn't use the HBAR or the HBAR-T at all (relies on the Minimi and HK417 as SAW and DMR, respectively) - the only buyer of the HBAR I can find is that well known military power, Luxembourg.


The support is with your shoulder where the weight is, it's biggest issue is a simple one, mags. Bullpup rifles are awesome, but you can't put drum mags in them comfortably.


Though this is the DMR thread, not the LMG thread, this is a valid point. The problem with the HBAR was the tiny magazine capacity and the lack of a quick-change barrel. These problems meant that the weapon wasn't widely adopted, which is why they didn't bother to fix that bipod. The problem with the HBAR-T is that the barrels were designed for LMGs - i.e. medium rates of fire, not accuracy, and that they didn't bother to fix that bipod. It's one thing to have a non-free-floating barrel - it's another altogether to have the barrel be the only support for the bipod!

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Cheeky request PB, can we get one from the side?


As soon as the weather clears up and I get some decent natural lighting, I'll post some more pictures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the Aussie furniture kit is currently 3 days away from being mine.




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Surely 'bolt-action' and 'DMR' are mutually exclusive? It's a lovely rifle, anyway.



All designated marksman rifles in use today use a semi-automatic action, with some also being able to fire in full-automatic mode.


So - I was right?

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