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my god that is amazingly beautiful


I know you've answered this question before, but what RIS system do you use? it's possibly the coolest looking one I've ever seen (and probably way, way out of my price range)


Its a Patriot Ordinance Factory P12X. Retails at about $285 though I've seen them used for $200 flat. I've been barking up the 'license your prodcuts' tree with 'em for a while!



http://www.lasermax.com/category.php?id=10 from memory


thats an awesome AR, looks better in each pic i see of it


You are correct. Thanks x2!


Ok i retract my previous post, perhaps this thread should be allowed and just dedicated to that damn sexy rifle!


Haha thanks. Been questioning whether or not to throw an M203 and side mounted bipod on it though I doubt either will happen :P


Q. for QDrenegade- what is that mount on your scope called, specifically the part that allows you to mount something else (like a lazer) over the top of the scope tube? Been looking for one of those for a while without success...


Mucho awesome DMRs guys, loving this thread. :)


Its a G&P 30mm QD mount. No specific name since I could never trace back what its a replica of. I would assume it was something made by KAC at some point, but my knowledge of Stoner parts draws a blank for that one. I got them from Den Trinity though WGCShop has them as well. You can get them here!

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I get the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll, but since you're trying to use geography to justify stupidity I'll type a few lines in defense of American airsoft. I play milsim airsoft in multi

Refinished the stock of my NPO VSS so it's closer to the color of the VSS seen in some of the Beslan school hostage crisis.   -Piano

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It is actually a repro of this: http://www.armsmounts.com/catalog.php?acti...&item_id=58 and this: http://www.armsmounts.com/catalog.php?acti...&item_id=82


I believe... Either way, its made by Arms(note the arms style throw levers) and is a combination of one of the rings on that page.....


Nice gun, although I dislike the G&G trademarks... I know, I am silly :P

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Nice DMR's in here so far..hopefully we will see some more unique DMR rifles. @ QDRenegade What replica scope are you useing? I am going to be completeing my SR25 Scout rifle when I get back from Iraq and need a good inexpensive scope. How was it zeroing it? (Well as close to a zero as possible with an Airsoft gun anyway.)


I am debateing on either a no BS Scope or going with a 4x magnafier like an ACOG with a Doctor on it for my rifle. Has anyone here had any experience with the cloner ACOG's and zeroing?

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I am debateing on either a no BS Scope or going with a 4x magnafier like an ACOG with a Doctor on it for my rifle. Has anyone here had any experience with the cloner ACOG's and zeroing?


i've been using a clone acog for the last few months and the zeroing on mine was easy and has worked well but i have heard of them being really quite poor when zeroing

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Beautiful rifle - with the wear and everything (which I assume is all natural, too), this is a perfect DMR. Almost makes me want an AR-15 based gun again... ;)

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It's been a while since I've actually posted any pictures, and even these are old ones unfortunately...(I need to get a few in-game :\ )


But here's my M14 based DMR (eew another m14 I know I know... sorry guys.)















Parts list:


TM M14 (full length w/socom body-swap)

G&P KAC Rail/Scope set (swapped scopes for another replica I had laying around, much better eye relief)

GB-Tech 'M25' Flash Hider

KA Multi-Color/Reticle Red Dot

KA Harris-Style Bipod



KM 6.04 650mm Tightbore

Guarder Cylinder Set

Firefly Rubber

yadda yadda yadda...


Shoots about 495fps if I remember correcly, haven't chrono'd it in a while...


And man, does she love KSC .3's. :)


(My favorite part: while a little hefty, she's extremely well-balanced.)


I'll soon be contributing a few more pics to this thread, as soon as I finish my other project. :D





What'ya guys think about the red dot? Too much? To be honest I rather like the fact that I have something to use without having to achieve a perfect cheek weld... but I'd hate to put off the "let's see how many accessories I can possibly fit on my gun!!!" vibe.

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Got the new lens this last weekend - been going nuts trying to learn the new camera! Got a few good ones of my Stoner... One in particular shows how the King Arms BUIS seem to have a fantastic finish (better than my RS Troy counterparts). The last shows the clarity of the $55 scope from Matchstick Global.








Still learning this bugger though - can't wait to learn how to do the professional photos we see around here.


Edit: Screw Windows 7 and double posting.

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