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I get the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll, but since you're trying to use geography to justify stupidity I'll type a few lines in defense of American airsoft. I play milsim airsoft in multi

Refinished the stock of my NPO VSS so it's closer to the color of the VSS seen in some of the Beslan school hostage crisis.   -Piano

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Thanks ;) The 20" upper works really well now even with higer (550) fps, since I modified the hopup using std AEG hopup buckings and a Prometheus inner barrel.



12" = DF MRF-CX

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And now for something compleately different:


Снайперская Винтовка Драгунова с установленным ПОСП 2.5–5x24 прицелом.









Yup, tis the RealSword SVD, and the scope is a real steel POSP 2.5-5x24, Urrraah!!

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Real Sword SVD?!?!?! :o


i want one of those so badly.

still waiting for a review (that's not in spanish) *hint* *hint*. ;)




Would have PM'd, but a think a few other people may be interested. Not actually a review either... never mind. It's better than nothing.

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Real Sword SVD?!?!?! :o


i want one of those so badly.

still waiting for a review (that's not in spanish) *hint* *hint*. ;)


There's not much i can say at this point (other than my first impressions, which are that it is all kinds of awesdome!), they arrived in Denmark just yesterday, so i've only really tried shooting her at 10 meters range, and admire the build quality.


It's a gorgeous replica though, and she was clocked at 134 M/s from the factory, and from the little target shooting i did, the accuracy seems very promising, it was a long wait, but it seems the RS was well worth it.


Also, remember that google translator can turn Spanish into something that's allmost legible ;)

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Zombie Killer M4


Parts list


G&P Zombie Killer MBK

Madbull JP Rifles 12" Handguard

Laylax Flat grade "slim" suppressor 250mm

Guarder 3-9x40mm R/G Illuminated scope

TRS Riser


CA Full Stock

CA Harris Bipod


shoots around 490 with a decent ROF.

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