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Revolver Picture Thread

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Two of my Tanaka .44's and a big shiney thing. I also have a 4" 29 and a Midnight Blue 6.5" 29 on the way.






Looks good Al. You should really get wood grips for your .44 Magnum revolvers. It'll make a huge difference. By the way, is the Automag blowback or fixed? If blowback how's the kick and cycling speed?

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Lookin for the grips at the moment, Originals for the 6.5" and fancy wooden Monogrips for the 3".


The Automag is blowback, haven't tried it yet as i've got no 134a and I don't think it can handle green.


Theirs a new member on here with one and he's done a thread about it and the 29's.


Here's the thread.

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That's a lovely looking finish on the Umbrella - I usually hate fake guns, but I must admit I've always like the Umbrella, especially the 8", for that super-shiney finish.


BTW, BigAl, if you need the Automag tested I've got lots of 134a :D



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Hey has anyone got a spare fill adapter for a tanaka revolver, as just bought one second hand and wasn't included?


I got a new one from Begadi, but they don't seem to have it one their international page. You can probably still order it.

It works fine, although it's a little shorter than the real thing.

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Unless it's one of the old SAAs, it's easier to take the cylinder out.




How would i do that? THought of it but couldn't find anywhere to actually do it on the gun?


EDIT: never mind done it, thanks.


Also how do i take the outer barrel ?

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