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Revolver Picture Thread

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Curse you! Curse you all for this thread (shakes fist in air)! Now guess whats gone and headed towards my house, why a revolver of course! Its just that the wheelgun won't come by early December. And when I get it, I'll take pics of it that will make Clint Eastwood look like he's packing a twenty-two. All will fall with the mighty five hundred.

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The balance is good, its slightly front heavy but thats to be expected. Im glad I stuck to the 6 1/2 inch barrel though. And the heavyweight material is one of the best ive seen. Honestly looks and feels like metal - its cold to the touch. Accuracy was fine too, its no WA but the groupings were on par with my Desert Eagle.


Absolutely love it, only downside is the double action as others have said, but I can reach the hammer quite comfortably without moving my grip.


Wow im babbling!

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More (posed) pics. I have an in-action pic but its horribly blurred as I was running. A testament to the .500 being a skirmishable revolver. Got two kills right away after the game started despite the not-so-stealthy shirt.



There aren't any full metal gas revolvers in the market, but the closest you could do is buy a Tanaka M29 then get the Zeke metal kit. Of course you'd be $350 poorer by then.

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