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Revolver Picture Thread

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yes, I agree. the new midnight finish does have a bronze look. BTW - there is 1 thing better about the new finish, I don't believe it is anywhere near as easy to scratch as the old one, as snowman once mentioned - he believed the old midnight finish was obtained by nothng but a few layers of clear paint, which is probably why it was so easy to scratch.

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hehe, looks like just wasn't installed perfectly.  Nice photos by the way.  I think I still like the old midnight blue better.  The new midnight gold has a bronze look to it. :huh:


It's a different grip isn't it? The grain looks different.



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yeah the grip actually is different. hey snowman - thats always been my favorite pic of your M29, as i have seen it around before. I will have some new pics up in here tommorow.................or as soon as i edit this post, which is now


the new midnight finish again :D



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Well, the hop is actually pretty good, I use .45s and green and I get quite tight groupings with the thing.


Problems, the finish is a bit plasticky, the grip is woeful and the shells cost a fair bit, the speed loaders are cheap though.


If you can find somewhere that will let you use it in a skirmish it is a great tool for getting people to take their hits and for the "faeconator factor".

For messing about and plinking it is good fun, the shells are so tactile.


I like mine, I want another.

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Woohoohoo that is nice! Very tempting


BTW any SAA owners tried putting a one-piece grip on their gun? I got this one for mine but it must have been for the wrong generation because it didn't fit. I mean it was $7 on eBay, so not a huge loss, but I've really wanted to do that for a while. Anyone know what gen the Tanakas replicate? I wanna say two, but I'm no real expert.

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Sry about the size guys, the forum wont let me edit my post to make them smaller, keeps coming up with an error.


I havent looked through the whole thread sorry.


I got a marushin ultimate revolver too, but i dont have any pictures.

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My perfect backup! Despite being a bit pathetic, but fun none the less.



I've been using my S&W 500 magnum as primary for some time now but never found a good backup gun for it, not that I really need one but due to lots of complaints about insane-range kills and peek-a-boo headshots. Then I thought: only a revolver befits a revolver. So I picked the weakest of the bunch, also the cheapest since I blew off cash on the fancy bag and real steel rear sights on the Tanaka.


Shao, please stop posting pics. I'm broke enough as it is.

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Do the new midnight finishes really look that.. gold-ish?

I ask this because some sites actually refer to the finish as midnight gold, while some call it midnight black.

Also to further add to the confusion, their pictures seem back their claims up (for both cases).

Tanaka isn't making two different finishes are they?

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