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Revolver Picture Thread

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Only form I know of is the Maruishin conversion kit, it MAY be possible to convert one to airsoft usage:



Oooh! Thanks for that, I've been trying to track one of those kits down for a while. Not sure how feasbile conversion is but I'm willing to take a punt on it.



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What the deuce?!


The m65 is great look wise but performance is a bit low.


The m500 tho is the kind of the opposite.

Midnight blue:


One more to come if I can clean her up a bit. I'll try the goo-gone Junior, thanks bro.

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I was hoping that a Maverick Rev-6 would be something cooler than a Nerf gun. :(


But no :P


I'm working on converting it though. Some sort of revolving shotgun type deal.... replace the nerf darts w/ inner barrels loaded w/ 5 BBs each or something like that, with a tiny, almost hopup like nub to keep them in.


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My Tanakas, both the "Limited Edition" Midnight Gold:



This one already has 2 kills in 1 day under her belt.



This one has yet to be tried, but I love it already!


How many rounds does the SW500 hold? A friend of mine who has the chief's special said his only held 6 extra, and Redwolf seems to confirm that, but it looks like a double-stacker or something in there.


Also, Any Ideas for a holster. PM me if you know anything about either point!

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That's ok, no check needed. 11 was the number confirmed by redwolf and that friend of mine, so it makes plenty of sense. I was just wondering. Chances are, if you haven't hit em in 11 shots, 2 more won't mean much ;)


The accuracy of this pistol is less than tops, but I think it needs some breaking in.

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As a side note, look into a leather holster. Revolvers deserve the best =D


I have a quickdraw holster for the SAA, its been fairly broken in, and so is fairly acceptable for field use without excessive fear of loss (though I did have a near miss at my league's Firefly event here last week. I'm thinking of rigging up a small retention system for it, just in case, as it IS brown, so If I did lose it, I'd be screwed!


For the SW500, though... I need a good combat holster that would fit in on an OD-based rig/uniform - I know finding a "combat holster" is tough for a pistol that is not, nor has ever been the combat pistol for any army ever. But there's gotta be SOMETHING!

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