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Revolver Picture Thread

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Thanks :)


Well.. Havent really used it yet, just some testshots. But it seems rather inconsistent, some shots fly long and strait while the next fly off to the sides or straight down after a few meters.. But then again, theres almost no barrel on this thing :P

Must see if i can do anything about the hopup.

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Pictures people, please post pictures...they're preferred over pontification. :P


Well here ya go - Just received from Happy.Al [royal mail stole his money and put it on a boat rather then a plane :P ]


I've been on a little spending spree recently, mainly on shiney stuff :rolleyes:




Better pictures late, maybe :D




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Can't believe I forgot to mention my home brew shells (for Marushin) here:




About that snubby with wild shots, consider making 6mm scatter-shot shells for it (more detail in link). If you can't hit the enemy with one, using three ought to do it.



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Ok, so i've always loved revolvers, but i couldnt find one i really wanted. It needs to be reasonably powerful, and full-metal, with shells.


Then i saw this on UNco, and i had a spare $106 us (Came to $190 NZD total inc shipping) and figured.. why not, it looks nice.


After getting it though, i'm even more impressed.





After comparing the shells with some of my unloaded .357 magnum cases, i found they are size-for-size identical.. was going to make some custom shells long before i read renegadecow's post, but now that i spotted his multi-shot, i realise that this pushing a single bb at 420 fps, and having such long shells, i can easily fire 3-4 rounds at once to bring the power down and make it more effective :D




I think my next one will be a 8mm SAA, to fit with my Marushin 1897 Lever-Action. Anybody got a suggestion?

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its good to hear that that thing only shoots 430. though i was hoping for lower, 430 is ok.

how is the FPS consistency and how many shots can you get off with one CO2 capsule?



180-200 shots out of one c02 capsule.. i intend to drop the power, its very easy to do. Pop the side of the gun off, and replace the hammer spring with something a bit weaker. Takes about 2 mins.


FPS is pretty consistent, only dropping to around 380-400 after quite a few shots in quick succession (Had to do alot of very fast reloading here as i only have 6 shells atm)

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Those are interesting.


They look way smaller than the stock grips though. How does it feel when you hold the gun?


Actually they're more like the older stock "service" grips, you used to see them alot when the model 28 was still a standard S&W catalogue item - but you see them on their classic series like the recent model 22 classic .45acp revolver. The current "stock" grips used to be an optional "target" grip for most models:). I believe the model 29 never had a service version like their .357 and .41 magnums - note the adjustable sight unlike the M21, 28, 51 or 581, also some older model 27s can be seen with the slim "service" type grips.


I think I can find an old Paker Hale magazine advert back in the pre-3rd generation autos days that shows there mid 80s revolver line. But enough about S&W production developement :). I am open to correction on this ;).


Being honest my hands aren't small but my fingers seem slight stubby ;) so the full sized production type grips were almost uncomfortable. These are better then I thought they would be. Now true I wouldn't used them to shoot a real model 29 due to recoil issues :rolleyes:


DarkMM :flamed:

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These grips work bes when usd with a grip adapter whicj is spacer that fits between the trigge guard and frame and gives a better hod, iirc some tanaka M19 and M13 come with them.



Would you believe due to the size of the N-frame, I find the "service" type grips very comfy :), about the same as the Hogue mono-grip on my 629 - which are slimmer then the stock "target" grips.


K-frame does benefit from the larger "target" grips for my hands, but are too bad without them, I would assume the same for L-frame since they're closer to the K rather then the N-frame in dimensions.


X-frames are just weird.....


J-frames suck and do need larger grips :) - mind you I assume they would suit a petite female, not that there are any petite revolver operators on Arnies to confirm or refute this, are there punky? ;)


All above apply purely to myself, and I know people who prefer the full size hand filling "target" style grips. I suspect revolvers can adjust their grip profile to suit the user more then autos.


Compare and contrast [bell M10 is hiding somewhere ATM] ;)




DarkMM :flamed:

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