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Revolver Picture Thread

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I miss my Zeke framed M629. Tanaka chamber from an M629 - everything else Zeke :)


Useless at hitting anything that wasn't less than about 12 foot away but godammit it was an amazing thing. Really regret selling it - see also my Tanaka M29. Such "heft".


If only Tanaka's finish could meld with Marushin's 8mm performance I could die a happy Fraggle.


Anyway - Zeke full metal M629 with Hogues. No one else knew I couldn't hit a barn door with her. Why did I sell her ?



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Really wanting a revolver right now because of this thread


I'm looking for a good, skirmish able revolver. Would this be a good one for skirmishing? I understand only 6 rounds etc etc but I mean performance wise.



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I skirmish with my Redhawk - its the 7.5 inch heavyweight. I've just ordered one of the new "X-Cartridge" ones as I love it so much (its actually my second one). Definitely skirmishable - I use it with a pair of HKS speedloaders and its an superb target piece; so I have 18 rounds. Essentially I use it as a mini sniper rig. Accurate and very powerful. There's some pictures on the previous page of the loadout.

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Took a while, but got there in the end.

The playable one is the shiny 4" Dan Wesson, now running more around the 300fps mark than the 400fps mark so now playable. Gone with swapping out hammer springs over trying the power down shells, no chance of mixing up a full power shell.

Had a random job lot of jet loaders and pouches, Safari land jets work fine, the Seidlers don't work, a bit to wide, the grip could be altered, but i had 3 seidlers and 4 Safarilands, +some ASG Wesson ones.


Had to put a red dot on, but as theres no hop i will be running iron sights, until i decide to add a hop later on, if the range increase is more like 40-50m then the dots going back on.

Not bad to 10m be gaming it next weekend, and seeing what effective range it has (only expected to 20-25m)



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Picture not showing for me Shardik.



Some feedback on Dan Wessons.  Played mine now,  chrono testing was interesting.

Box stock pistol 4" Wesson was doing 380-400fps as expected.  Couple of hammer spring changes and down to a much safer 300 area.


Had a lot of non-readings (tote on Xcortech) on my Madbull V1,  but was getting fairly stable readings around the 300fps mark with some spikes to 330.


Site chrono test on Xcortech,  readings from 250 up to 450,  a 200fps variation,  test repeated on all 3 chronos,  same results.


I am aware that Madbulls can be fussy with gas blowback weapons,  so asked to retest but have the muzzle away from the black metal cone you shoot into,  leave some room for excess CO2 to blast off and escape and not make a vapour cloud inside the sensors.


Retested with muzzle a few inchs back,  stable readings around 320-340fps,  no wild variations or big spikes.  Played again last weekend,  fresh ASG CO2 capsule,  muzzle held back from cone,  again stable readings in the 320-340 area  :)  excess CO2 vapour can give wild chrono readings not true to actual FPS output.

Range maxed at 25m,  more effective at 20m then BB's drop.  Time to bodge a hop into it.


Strange how many grown blokes get a bit excited about Chrome Revolvers and want a little blast on it.

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shoot through a cow allright then :)


tested my DE tri-shot with 3rd shot,  got 720fps...from a stock DE,  actual game test is on a single BB so back down to 280,  chrono can't cope with multi spread particles/vapour clouds.


Which is handy to know when chrono testing your CO2 Revolvers  


see i steered it back to revolvers there,  while we wait for Shardiks photo to appear

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Took me 30 mins of file work to get my lower rail to fit,  did yours just slip straight on Shardik ?


Mine was fitted then back in the box,  where it will lurk and wait.....


Top rail went on in a jiffy.  Glad i gave up on TM doing something and picked the same 4" shiny one as you have as well :)


Reminds me of a german film i saw years ago,  think it was called "Doberman"  chap in that had a large revolver with a custom rocket launcher under the barrel,  like a mini M203.  He kept the rockets in a cigar case with his cigars,  dead classy like :)    been looking at the shells for these new Goblin shotgun pistols.......

Did i fire five or six shots,  in all the excitment i last track,  and being as this is the most powerfull airsoft revolver in the world and one shot will really leave a nasty welt and make you eyes water........ then just zap them with whats close to a mini moscart :)



(mine wont hurt much as it's down to 330-340fps hammer spring mod)

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For those of you guys modding the Dan Wesson/Wingun revolvers, what kind of hammer springs are you guys using? I have the 6-inch barrel version, and I'd love to use it in CQB shenanigans, but I'm not exactly shooting at field limit with it right now, so I'm trying to drop mine to between 280-330 fps. Any ideas?

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After logging off last night i went a googling.


Ta for the photos chaps :)  i was a bit off in spelling and country,  but then i watched a subtitled version on VHS video back in 1997 so not too bad a memory for me.


So it's a French film and it's two "n" for spelling.


I reckon moving pictures are better to show off this revolver in action,  and Monica Bellucci getting a bit lewd with a shotgun and thats only the first several minutes.....

Found a german dubbed version on you tube and the movie trailer,  so get to watch it again for free but in german :)




www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4XpQY5RQ84  movie.


Enjoy............    one of the locals to me has just bought a goblin gas in shell shot gun,  and he has a couple of Wessons,  will put the idea to him as he was responsible for the maybe not picked up on Win-Thon revolver in my picture a page back  :)

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the hammer spring mod is real easy,  however you can't buy a direct power drop spring.  It's trial and error.

The spring can be clipped down a bit,  then use small washers to fine tune output.


A chrono will be needed.

My box stock 4" chrome was doing 380+  my first spring change went to 460fps,  my next was down to 250,  my next was 300,  then added a 1mm washer to bring it back to 320-340 area,  average around 330.


The spring is not far off those found in biro pens,  i just gathered a pile of random springs and mixed and matched until i got my required drop in FPS.


I will have a look and try and do a photo later of the spring against the pistol and ruler for scale for you.   Took about an hour and a few goes with access to a chrono to de-tune mine  :)

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Unfortunetly the bad lighting got the better of these few shots, but it was the only chance I got.

So sorry about the pink hue, it doesnt reflect the colour of the room ;)


Basically we have a Tanaka M66, M629 & Marushin M686.

The Marushin would have been that much better if there had of been a bit more weight put into it,

the cylinder is ultra-light, and maybe they could have squeezed some weights into the grips ?

Anyhow at 571g with shells and 486g empty, it pretty much feels like a toy compared to the Tanaka's.

The smaller M66 even beating it at 576g, and the m629 1080g !


Shooting wise, your talking about paper-targets at best, no cardboard boxes with this fellow.

A pity really, because it looks great for the price.

Maybe Tanaka will eventually make one !







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The Marushin would have been that much better if there had of been a bit more weight put into it,

the cylinder is ultra-light, and maybe they could have squeezed some weights into the grips ?

Pretty much why I ordered the 586 instead. It's heavyweight plastic weighing 740g and for some reason Marushin does not do their chrome/stainless electroplating on heavyweight plastic. Not too sure about the 5/686 specifically, but I think there's space between the inner and outer barrel to add some more weight. On my chrome SAA I was able to add a good 40g of lead in the barrel and another 60g in the grips giving it the same weight as my black HW SAA.

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