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Revolver Picture Thread

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I'm getting carried away with this leathercraft business. First attempt at a molded holster and dare I say it looks great!



Looks awesome =]


You should make one like Togusa's weaved leather section 9 holster.

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I had one made out of nylon and another one I made out of vinyl. I switched to a strongside carry on this leather one as the previous two, like the actual film accurate leather holster (being sold for $100) are just too impractical for any form of carry. The long barrel protrudes way over your butt so you can't sit down properly without crushing the gun or removing the whole thing and the grip sticks out a lot on your side. As to the basket weave design, yeah, maybe I should have applied that on mine.

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Man you have an AWESOME collection!!


These are my Revolvers..

Tanaka M500 w/ Creation metal kit and RS front sight

Along with the second M500, the silver is bone stock and it's missing the front and rear sight, it still fires.

And here's my Tanaka SAA Artillery 5.5inch detachable cylinder w/ Zeke metal kit and JP metal outer barrel.



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I really love the look of the steel finish tanaka's. Hopefully I'll pick one up at some point in the future as my matabe has really given me an appetite for wheelguns.


I've the opportunity to buy a either tanaka bisley or a tanaka M29 HW but I'm torn between the two as the bisley would be cool and uncommon but not something I'd want to or could practically skirmish with, where as the M29 is more practical but also pretty common.


Decisions decisions... 

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