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Revolver Picture Thread

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I've never actually seen someone who owned the long barrel version of the Cop gun, very nice!


Those little derringers are sweet. I have one in 6mm and it is one of my favorite guns ha ha. I just jam it in my boot or admin pouch and if I run out or just want to have some fun I use it. It actually has some range (whether or not the opponent can feel it is another thing), but usually they see it or it is so close it doesn't matter. I've been able to successfully get two people out with it in multiple games (granted I started with it out and ready). They are quite the deal too, I was able to pick mine up for $20 used.

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That Derringer is actually the 8mm version.. it's weird, the top barrel has cracking range and is consistent, the bottom just seems to go wherever it wishes and at whatever speed it feels like! Must be something to do with the hop rubbers I've deduced but to be honest I don't plan on properly skirmishing either of them so its not too much of an issue!


The COP is a wicked little shooter though, it's got fin style hop rubber which I was surprised at and they really do fling bbs a fair distance!


Both for under £75 I cant really argue at all!

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Anyone got any Smith & Wesson K Frame Square But Combat Grips for sale.  No one wants to buy my Smython so I reckon it's time to add some nice wood to her and keep her.


As this is a picture thread here's a picture of her.



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Every revolver fans favourite cop gun is back.


This time Tanaka have made a Limited Edition gas-pistol set,

the previous M29 'Dirty Harry' Edition was a model gun with a Vintage Finish which didn't go down too well with the fans,

as it more resembled the colour of the Vintage Colt 45 SAA 'Law and Order' release.

This time they've perfected things with a Rosewood Grip (Not in Picture) countersunk cylinder like the RS M29-2 where bullets in the cylinder cannot be seen from the side,

revised front sight and a pinned barrel, and a first I think for Tanaka - No Tanaka Trademark and 'Made In USA' instead of the usual 'Made In Japan'

This all comes complete in a very sturdy collectors box with badge etc.


Weighing in at just over 1.1kgs - Tanaka S&W M29-2 'Dirty Harry' Limited Edition (Jupiter Finish/Steel)






And a couple of interesting size comparison shots with a S&W M36 (Tanaka)






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