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Revolver Picture Thread

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Pic 1


Marushin Ruger Blackhawk 8mm SA

Marushin Ruger BH Talon 8mm SA

Taurus Raging bull 8mm

Tanaka 6" S&W m29 6"BBL rs grips

(Also have a rare zinc cast barrel that I haven't installed yet)

Dan Wesson m715 stainless

Have some rs grips / see pic 2 which is also a ongoing project requires some heavy modifications)


Pic 2


Tanaka S&W m10 steel finish

Charter Arms Bulldog Pug .44S&W

S&W m13 357mag FBI

Marushin m60 3" chrome

Colt python custom blued metal barrel

Colt python 6" satin all metal Prime

Colt detective all alu gloss black kit w steel custom barrel shroud rs grips

Tanaka S&W m40 centennial steel finish


Pic 3


Rs Pietta m1860 sorry doesn't really belong here

Guarder custom Webley MkVI vintage markings with rs sling also have a RS triggerguard Grips and a bayonet that can be mounted looking for the brass gripped wwi era pistol grip

Tanaka Colt SAA Cavalry midnight finish

Umarex .22 cal Brocock air gun

Tanaka Colt SAA Artillery case coloured

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Very nice collection, I'd never heard of Guarder making a Webley but you've just added another item to my wishlist.


Random question for you or anyone- do any companies make gas-in-shell revolvers that use CO2, or are they all either CO2 in the grip or duster/green gas in the shell?

I think the Guarder can be tricky to find.

They initially stated they would make 50 but I don't think there were so many and I only saw them on CRW.



Except the Brokock revolver with some adjustments of the vents in the shelll which probably could take the power of co2, I don't think anyone ever made shells that could contain co2. Actually I don't recollect any airsoft revolver that contain gas in the shell whatsoever.

Most guns with gas require large style shells better suited for rifles but I guess it should be possible who knows what the future holds?


The Tanakas are all Pegasus system with gas in the cylinder and the rest all use gas or co2 in the handle asfaik.


Originally my idea was to convert the brocock revolver into airsoft by drilling the bore and filing the shells from 5.5mm to 6mm. But then it also felt awful to destroy a perfect rifled barrel into a smoothbore possibly failing barrel.

Maybe one could use the brocock shells for another gun but since the system is so realistic it would probably just function in a RS .38/.357 with awful accuracy which obviously is a bad idea.

If you had an as revolver with .38 removable shells as the Dan Wesson 715 and modified the hammer using an RS one it just might work, but that's a difficult project.

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There's Tanaka's long recalled Cassiopoeia line for an example of gas-in-shell. I imagine most manufacturers are avoiding it given its run-in with the law as we saw again with APS.

Yes of course, how could I forget.

I have given up ever finding one but you are right the Cassiopeia line had green gas shells. I think Tanaka works experienced a similar pre-APS experience with the CEO arrested and 800 guns seized and the whole firm in a short lockdown to seize all production. Probably a lot of criminals thought it would be wise to fire the .500S&W magnum round through a pot metal, abs plastic or at best improved creation alu kit. Or... ?

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Thanks for the comprehensive reply, Cesare. I had this idea bouncing around in my head to take a black powder Colt Walker kit and rebuild it for airsoft use, and CO2 shells a la the APS shotguns would have made it a fairly straightforward job. Guess I'll have to keep looking.

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I know black powder firearms aren't regulated in the US, but what's the legality of using percussion caps to propel a chamber full of bbs? Not nearly as powerful as a primer and a whole lot safer than repurposing a cartridge gun.


That's a clever idea and it would be legal, but such a design would still be able to function as an actual firearm, something that I imagine most field owners would heavily frown upon. I'm thinking the most viable solution might be to gut the gas system from my Wingun SAA and transplant it, but then that also requires transplanting the grip frame to accommodate the CO2 cartridge. I think it's doable, but not nearly as straightforward.

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The problem with that then is you'll need a bored through cylinder. How about a Denix? I'm sure their pot metal is strong enough to contain the pressure of a percussion cap but at the same time won't be able to hold a full charge. I've been chasing the idea for some time now but have no possible supply for anything by Denix. Even small handgun primers are way too powerful and red caps deliver all of 200fps.

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The cap Idea has been done with Brocock shells just a minor modification really. Mostly they used .219 shotgun primers which are way too powerful. Besides the legal issue of building a firearms that is. The green caps i use sounds much louder than a .22 and I think this this is a dead end for using it airsoft.


You also have to consider how to make a percussion system into a direct fire system like rim fire or preferably central fire. A Walker would be awesome since they are such monsters but maybe if you could get hold of say a Colt 1861 with a Richards-Mason CF cartridge conversion and that is legal without special permits. There were some other guns period converted too but I think these are the easiest to find.


Then you could use Brocock shells with just small alterations. That is throating the shell from 5.5mm to 6mm.


So all you need is TACs aka BACs Tandem or Brocock air cartridges a open 9mm cylinder and free bore preferably with possibility to insert a AS precision barrel.


Are the Denix guns all with non-plugged barrels and free cylinders??

Always wanted to build a LeMat for Airsoft *grin*

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I wouldn't trust a Denix, not just from a safety perspective but functionally, as their build quality makes old CYMA pot metal look like CNCed steel by comparison. I'm not sure if they're fully-functioning in the first place (I suspect not), but even if they are, I would expect the mechanism to eventually fall apart as it unfortunately did on my converted Denix side-by-side. Cylinder pawls and pot metal don't mix well.


For the real Walker and Dragoon, there is a .45 LC cartridge conversion on the US market. I imagine it would work perfectly with the Brocock cartridge, but probably wouldn't have enough space to do the specific idea I had in mind (multiple BBs per chamber, because it's a 4.5lb handgun and because I have an unhealthy obsession with shotguns).


Alternatively, a 3D printed cylinder could work. I did find files for a Colt Walker online. Buy a real Walker, print a cylinder, bore out the cylinder, and either transplant CO2 guts or figure out a Brocock or percussion cap system?

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I know Davide Pedersoli has made a Shell system for indoor shooting with primers in .45Colt shooting indoor balls in .44 cal. But that is a primer built system.


Maybe we should move this discussion to other part of the forum? Going a bit off topic?

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The first one in the world and it is all mine!


Robinhood tactical proudly presents the first all steel kit for an airsoft revolver...:


Limited ed of 50 sets


Colt detective 3rd gen 2" barrel

Blued steel with RS pachmayr grips

Tanaka system


With aks DS detective special 38spl speedloader65c0f378052ab8a5c74feba545c57a86.jpg






With old body so one might get an Idea of the beautiful bluing of the kit.



If there is an interest I could do a more indepth review


Read more on Combat monthly




On Robinhood tacticals homepage


Or see more images here




They are to be released in December I think and sold through CRW airsoft

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Well of course you are right But some people would say that about spending money on "toy-guns" as an adult in general. This is much more a collectors item than anything else. Just wanted a steel airsoft revolver for a really long time and now when it appeared I had to get first in line.

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On the edge with this one. Desperately trying to think of a non invasive way to attach a rail. Or do I ditch the mount altogether and have it screwed directly to the barrel?


Have to say mate that pistol looks mad as a monkeys tea party ! But I do like it in some twisted way !
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