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Revolver Picture Thread

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It could definitely be done

And I don't think 2-3 drill holes is a big deal if it is properly done.


There is this one


Don't know how it works and the price is a bit steep. But you could probably modify a as mount.




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Marushin. It's the main o-ring on the valve (ideally 1.5x5mm but was able to make do with 2x4mm). They always go for a softer o-ring, 50-60 durometer at a guess. While it's great for preventing leaks it opens up much slower resulting in lower fps which climbs back up after a few shots as the lowered temp causes the o-ring to harden. But considering it's only a 5-shot I'd want all those to be relatively consistent. Originally it starts 260fps and climbs to 290. Now it starts at 300 and goes down to 290 from cool down.

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My latest purchase. Second hand 2 inch Tanaka S&W R8 357 Magnum revolver heavy weight. Wanted a "compact" revolver but this thing is a beast. Had no idea K frames where so bulky. Still super happy with it. Nice weight and great build quality. Some blemishes with the finish, but that can be fixed later.





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On 7/15/2018 at 7:56 PM, aznriptide859 said:

Great, I ran out of underwear.

Damn beautiful Wolfgeorge, where do you keep finding these kits?

I used to find them in Japan .

Unfortunately  prices went up significantly the past 2-3 years there and it's no longer worth it.




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The checkering didnt come out perfect, but for my second attempt i think theyre great. The gunline beginner's set i bought only came with four tools and theyre not enough to do anything too complicated. So the borders are a bit gnarly, i had to do the corners with a sharp screwdriver. I might pick up a couple additional tools soon.

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