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Pantac RRV (Coyote Brown) Vs Flyye (Multicam)


The real deal info


The Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest is a relatively cheap (price wise) vest made by several different companies. It is light weight and the straps can be worn in two configurations. The bib can also be folded down to make a low profile vest. The RRV also has the ability to attach a plate in the front of the vest.


Build Material


Pantac- As with all Pantac products quality material is used. YKK zippers, Invista 1000D Cordura, ITW NEXUS buckles etc are used. The stitching looks bomb proof as I have grown accustom to with my other Pantac products. I should mention if you have some of the Phantom stuff from before they became Pantac the quality is far superior.


Flyye- Similar to the Pantac the Flyye is made using nice and sturdy materials. The only noticeable difference is the use of UTX buckles instead of the ITW.




I just spent the past half hour scouring the internet for pictures of the RRV by its different makers. As far as I can tell the Pantac and Flyye are an exact copy with different buckles then some of the companies may use. With that onto the features of this beast.


The RRV has quickly turned into one of my favorite vests. It is really comfortable and can be configured in several different setups fairly easily. The straps can be worn in a straight over the shoulder setup or in a cross setup on the back. The bib can be unhooked by a snap on the strap that attaches it to a d-ring on each side and placed in a Velcro pouch in the lower half of the vest. The bib has two fabric handles at the top to pull in order to reach the storage pocket in the bib. If you’re rather sleepy like I was when I first tried the vest on you won’t notice that the bib is where the extra elastic strap keepers are hidden. I noticed the bulge when adding pouches the next day which I have removed for this review. The bib has three rows of Molle on it and makes a great spot to mount an admin pouch.


The lower part of the vest has four main rows of Molle with seat bealt style webbing stitched behind three of them. There is an extra shorter row of Molle directly above these that is in line with the bib. This is where the first quality control issue has come up in this review. At the very bottom of the vest on the Flyye the fabric underneath the last row of Molle is not cut evenly so the left side if you’re looking at the vest or right if wearing it is longer than the other. There is also a crooked stitch directly above this. Now these don’t effect the overall quality of the vest they do slightly detract from its aesthetic appeal. I should also mention that this may not be evident to the average user I am just going over these vest with a fine tooth comb so I noticed easier.


Flipping the vests over you can see how the plate is mounted to the vest. Rather than an internal pocket the plate is held in with mesh elastic pocket with a strap. I can’t say how well these work at this time but will update when I receive a plate (hopefully in the near future). Both vest use the exact same system however the Pantac has a slightly stronger main securing strap for the plate. Pantac have also affixed a very nice logo to this strap whereas the Flyye opted to stitch there logo to the right the plate mount. Both vests have no stitching issues here and all stitches look clean and strong. The back of each vest have a system of snaps on the bottom which look as though it is for attaching to a cummerbund(if I am incorrect about this please tell me).


The shoulder straps of each vest are nicely padded however the Pantac seems to have used thicker stiffer foam here. The stitching on the Flyye looks a bit better on the straps then the Pantac. The Pantac has a few messy stitches with loose threads. The only other difference with the straps is that the Pantac has chosen to remove the right angle corners at the end of the shoulder strap and have gone with a forty five degree angle instead. Other then that the vests are pretty much identical. Each vest also includes the buckle to attach there brand of MBSS back panel. Due to each company using different buckles they are not cross compatible.





My conclusion is both vests are very similar and it’s hard for me to choose. If I had a gun to my head I would go with the Pantac due to the slight fabric issue on the bottom of the Flyye.



I apologize in advance for the use of a pillow instead of a mannequin. I sadly don’t own the upper torso mannequin to properly display these items and am not into the basement commando shots. I will take donations of one though :P


Pantac from the front


Flyye from the front


The back straps of the Pantac


The back straps of the Flyye


The bib of the Pantac folded down


The bib of the Flyye folded down


The plate holder on the Pantac


The plate holder on the Flyye


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I have a CB Flyye RRV and my mate has one in Khaki and one also in CB, but havent had the issues with the PALS webbing row you mentioned. I guess they fixed it after you notified them (we ordered CB RRVs in May 09, one Khaki RRV in November 09).



Yeah they mentioned they fixed it.

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