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SY P226 GBB Review

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Hello All,


I love the p226 .


I had two Marui P226s and sold due to financial Constraints.


I was browsing Weaponblender.com and saw the SY p226 for $65 shipped. Being a Frugal Airsofter I couldnt resist at this price.


I decided to do a Review to help fellow airsofters on whether to get one or not.



I just received it as I am writing the review.





It come in a Box that has the Art work from the Marui p226.





The Package open with the gun inside




Upon Opening the box and picking it up.


Pretty much the almost the same weight of the Marui p226 from what I Remember.




Then I Played with the following controls:


Decocker - worked


Mag Release - worked


Hammer Cock and Single Action Pull Worked - worked


Double Action - Failed (Guess Ill be emailing Weapon Blender)




I gassed her up and used duster.


I wasn't expecting for it to cycle perfectly but to my Surprised it did.


The kick was almost the same as my Stock Marui P226 with a Nine Ball Piston Head.


Ill be continuing more of this review after I get back from my Firewall Class.

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I think this SY has no double action, cant remember where I saw it, but its not a replica fault, its just designed that way.


Hope you keep updating the review with skirmish test.


thanks =)


Really? I will have to read the manual.

Its not really a clone then if it does not replicate the trigger action IMO.


Ill be adding to the Review Later Tonight.


Ill be adding:


Details, Finish and Construction and a groupings and hop-up test.

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I just called weaponblender and they confirmed that is it not suppose to work on Double Action.



So I need to treat it like a 1911. <_<


Isamu, thanks for clarifying that with me.


I guess Ill be taking it apart soon and look at the hammer mechanism.


If anybody got any requests, please do post and I will try my best to do it.



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It Field Strips exactly like the Marui P226. Though My complaint is that there is no positive click on the dissassembly lever like its Marui Counterpart.




Build and Construction



The body and slide plastic contruction is not as plasticy looking as the Marui one.

It has a finish that looks like it was powder coated. Looking at the coating it seems it will wear off quickly with handling and use.

The outer Barrel is another story, Its very shiny and cheap looking plastic. It shiny as clear packing tape IMO.

As for the grips, the feel is very textured and not smooth like the Marui.

For those wondering, yes there is a seam line down the middle of the frame.



The metal part on this guns seem to be powder coated also except for the guide rod.

The guide ride is shiny that reminds me of the shine on those hot wheels I used to play with.


Hammer and sights



Trigger and Controls




Frame with trades


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The mag looks exactly like the Marui one except that it seems that it was powercoated also.


The Fill Valve looks a little flimsy to me though.


Fill Valve



Output valve



Mag Lip



I didnt get to do some shooting test because I got caught up with some work that I brought home.


If there are any requests, please post.




I started disassembling and tried putting my Creations slide on it.



Blowback Unit is a bit too skinny. It would rattle inside the Creations slide while the Marui BBU would fit snugly


There is no mechanism in the frame internals that will "pop and lock" the dissasembly lever.

(Those who built P226s, is that button in the frame to have push down to completely seperate the dissassembly lever from the frame)




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I dissassembled the blowback unit and now the screws holding the sights won't tighten.





I shot at a Circle target that is 6x6 with no Hop up at 25 feet indoors.


Mind that I didnt have rear sights because the screws would not securely tighten.






Compared it with the Marui MEU



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Mmmmm.... for CQB sidearm the test fire is acceptable, but screws issue doesnt fancy me... well, I have a we 5.1 so getting this GBB is nor prioritary. Maybe I ll get the metal slide version in the future :)


Keep the good work Jrara, this review is quite good, and on a not very known gun :gun:

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Fixed the Rear Sight Issue.


Last night while I was trying to figure out this rear sight issue.


I was looking at the original screws and noticed some black gunk on the threads.


This gave me the assumption is that they used some epoxy to tighten the screws and keep them in place because when I was taking the BBU apart it was really took some force to unscrew them. Like it had loctite or something.


Well I was perusing some screws that I have. I found a screw the same length and almost the same size on the head.


Which I believe that are used in laptop computers.


I put it back together with a pair of the new screws I found. They Tighten without making the holes in the slide amd BBU bigger.


I even dissassembled it and retighten 3 times with the new screws and they tighten pretty consistently.


The new screws even sit a bit more snug and secure than the original ones.


I am thinking the factory ended up using screws that are a bit too small with threads that are a bit too fine for the rear sight.


I took pictures for reference. I left the picture original Hi-Res size for those who want to find the screw.


Original Screw on the Left and New Screw on the right.




I went ahead and Shot 25 rounds randomly to see if the new screws hold up and they do.


If you plan to bring this gun with the new screws installed to a skirmish, I would recommend you put Loctite Green the the threads of the new screws.

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WTF!! :ranting2:


Ian thanks for pointing that out.


I am way past the 48 hour DOA period.


Also they weren't not responsive to my last Three emails about this issue, I had to call them up.


Maybe my first and last purchase Ill be getting from Weaponblender.




I just sent Weaponblender an email about the said product stating the facts along with the video of the SY p226 with the Double action trigger working.


I am not holding my breathe because they DID IGNORE my last three emails.




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I don't know which gun I should buy, so I want ask you about something - what do you think about 'kick' when you shoot? I looking for a replica which shoot strong, and I feel something on my hand. I want MEU 1911 'full metal' or Sig P226 plastic/full metal (I don't know which material in this situation is better?)

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I don't know which gun I should buy, so I want ask you about something - what do you think about 'kick' when you shoot? I looking for a replica which shoot strong, and I feel something on my hand. I want MEU 1911 'full metal' or Sig P226 plastic/full metal (I don't know which material in this situation is better?)



Get the ARMY MEU if you want the MEU.


Good kick on propane plus the piston head design makes it more efficient in my opinion.


Fully Compaitble with Marui M1911 parts.


I have one and I am in love with it.


Only complaint is that the right safety lever can be loose other than that it has been good to me.


The WE MEUs suck seen some break the barrel bushing during a game.


Don't get the All Chinese Made P226's (half metal, full metal, or plastic) the double action trigger won't work.

They could not replicate some notch on the trigger bar that the Marui one has which enables the Double Action.

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This gun is HEAVY-like 1200 1300 grams or whatever crazy measurement system they use- its a bear.


The TM's and KSC's in metal are lighter.


Are we talking about the SY P226s in metal??


If so, you are correct. My guarder marui p226 is maybe 2/3 the wieght.


I think its the Zinc in this chinese clone metals.


My friend has a real steel Sig Mosquito .22 LR that was the first run production with the zinc slides and that slide is heavy.

Many jams with certain ammo while my other friends Ruger MkIII won't jam with the different types of ammo.

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Question is: Does it fire off a full magazine of propane? And what is the ambient temperature there?


My Marui P226 never fired off a whole mag on propane. And the power was shocking, at around 280fps on propane at 17*C.


The SY never shot a full mag. But I couldnt tell if its full because of the No leak mag design.

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I'm currently in the market for a new GBB, and I am trying to decide between the metal SY P226 or the metal-slide KS USP. The USP is a good $20 more than the P226, but I haven't found any reviews of the P226 aside from initial ones. Can anyone who owns this gun tell me how it's performed in the long-term? How is gas consumption, feeding, et cetera?

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