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Airsoft sightings in Movies and TV shows

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every one has gone on about the ones in stargate with the characters!, yet failed to mention that all the gate guards in sg1 are using the old pump action xm177's and spring m16's.

was the same in the episode where they find the planet where kids are playing war games with the laser training weapons. they are all mp5a3 springers lol.


plus if any one looks at the front cover of the film "this is war" the barrel of his gun is missing and has a crappy plastic red dot

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I've had trouble finding a decent screenshot, but I'm fairly certain that a lot of the Protectors in the 2077 sequences in Continuum carry Thunder Mauls! There's a shot of Rachel Nichols in uniform at the top of this article, but not too much of the Maul visible!



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The G26 from Justified almost looks like its a HFC G26 as they used to put a gold colored plate in the grip where you would find a Glock logo (there was a black widow spider etched into it but you could just pop the plate out of the grip). Had a couple of them (may still have one) and they were not too bad.


Love the  show


Also on Tuesday nights NCIS, Agent Daveed's P228 appears to be a flash style pistol as the slide didnt seem to cycle when she fired it (you can also see a kind of red glow in the barrel after each shot)  and the muzzle end the barrel is silver and about twice as thick as on a actual P228. I'll have to check my recording again, but it sure lookes that way to me.

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