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Ares Cheytac M200 - Review & Picture Thread

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Guess what I got in the mail today .... from www.aresusa.com




More pics:







Pics of the 2 bolts ...




I think I am the first one to get it in USA.... Hooorah !!!


Its awesome ....


0. Awesome ...

1. Gas bolt and gas mag

2. Spring bolt and spring mag

3. Can be broken down for easy transport

4. Did I say awesome ...

5. Shoots about 520 on propane...

6. Comes with a nice scope 3.5 - 10 X 50.

7. Pics show my night vision scope mounted on it...


Will post more pics and fps results later...


I will be doing a review by the end of this week.


Let me know if you want any questions answered !!!!




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So is aresusa.com actually selling these direct then?


Regarding the finish, I'd think about adding some subtle coloring to help break up the silhouette. The real one at world.guns.ru seems to employ a very subtle OD Green and Tan camo pattern applied using a simple sponge technique.




I also really like the camo pattern they did in Shooter:





You may also want to paint those extension arms for the stock tan as well (possibly even the pistol grip). On the plus side, your M200 appears to be powder coated or anodized the tan that it is now, which means that whatever you paint on top of it will wear back down to the base tan. I'm curious to hear what you paid and how the spring vs. gas bolts compare.

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first to have one in the US? are you talking about "as a consumer"? Evike had these in stock for 2-3 months now (unless he sold them already).


Very nice though. . I'm enjoying my DSR

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$1,400... Considering I paid under $600 for my DSR-1, I don't know if I could warrant spending more than double that on the M200. Plus... Evike's pretty horrible to deal with. Last time I bought something from them, it was out of stock, and when getting my refund back they refused to refund my taxes because they "don't refund taxes on web based sales". After repeatedly explaining to the sales associate that being that I hadn't actually bought anything, they're required by law to refund my taxes, they did eventually do so. And on a prior order it took them close to 2 months to ship something that was "in stock" and only a few counties away. They're so clueless about general business practices, I swore them off permanently.

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There were 2 guns that came as final prototypes...

The dealer kept the black version and I get the Tan....


No retailer has received the stock yet...


The tan is not really that tan as in the photos its more like Flat Dark Earth color. I will be painting some parts of the gun later though.


The spring bolt can be used with the spring mag only and same with the gas bolt.


The spring bolt spring is a little smaller in dia than an AEG spring and wider than a vsr spring. An AEG spring can be used if the piston can be bored out a little. I might do that once I get a confirmation from the dealer.


I didn't like a Systema PTW but was ready to buy it then this gun came along and I decided buy this than the PTW. I already have AEGs that I have spent close to a PTW i.e. a Haynes gearbox and all that *suitcase*. But this was my dream gun and I am happy with it ..




first to have one in the US? are you talking about "as a consumer"? Evike had these in stock for 2-3 months now (unless he sold them already).


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It's all good dude. So long as you're happy with your purchase, that's all that matters. :)


If you can bore out the bolt's spring space to use standard springs that'd be epic. To be able to tune the spring strength using AEG springs to something close to your field limits would be optimal I'd imagine.


Definitely paint that beast up!

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Here are some pics of the spring bolt and comparision of springs between stock, AEG and VSR/BAR10 springs.


The stock spring FPS is about 320 fps with 0.2g.


Looks like the piston head and cylinder are sealed good with the orings at each end and stock spring also looks like it was cut down.


I am trying find the best way to upgrade the spring. I tried creating a space but it doesn't work as it comes in the way of piston and guide.


The AEG spring is about 1 mm more in diameter than the stock spring and the hole in the piston so its not free. I can squeeze the spring in but its too tight to be compressed. So I am thinking of boring out the piston a little bit so the AEG spring can be installed.


Do you guys have any ideas ...?







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